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The Troll’s Male Sack: Evan Stone Superbowl Replay

One of my female readers writes:

“I know that you’re into the ladies, but I’m a big fan of Evan Stone, perhaps you could troll for a clip with Evan and a nice young lady that way we can both have a lucky charmed day? Sorry…I know that’s leprechauns…Trolls, Leprechauns, my bad my little friend. Keep UP the good work!”

Ohh it’s so lovely to know that the female humans enjoy my video offerings as well! Well, Female, Mr. Stone’s star turn as Captain Reynolds in Pirates and Pirates: Stagnetti’s Revenge even made me a fan! In honor of the awesomeness that is Evan Stone, we present a replay of the fantastic super bowl incident from last January – when Stone became the All-Star of that game!

Here’s what families around the world saw last January on their TV’s…

And here we have the master discussing his craft…

Read on for big news on Evan’s first national tour, “The Evan Stone Ladies Night Tour”…

(Los Angeles, CA) Actor. Performer, Writer, Musician, Wrestler. Ranch Hand… EMT? There’s no doubt about it, Evan Stone can, and probably has, done it all! With his chiseled good looks and gripping wit Evan Stone took the Entertainment Industry by storm. And, for the second year in a row, the public voted for Evan as Favorite Male Star at the 2009 Fans of Adult Media Entertainment (F.A.M.E.) Awards, which were held during the Erotica LA convention. From the moment he first stepped through the doors at Erotica LA, until well after he accepted his Award, fans followed Evan and crowded all around him trying to get a photo or autograph from their favorite celebrity. Never one to pass up a chance to reach out and give back to his fans, Evan took a quick break from his official duties at the expo to stop by the A.I. Studios exhibit and play a few songs on guitar for his swooning audience.

“My fans are the absolute BEST in the WORLD! They really are SO supportive and giving,” described an appreciative Evan, after hamming it up on the red carpet with other winners who received their trophies at the F.A.M.E. Award Show. “No matter what I’m doing I make sure to have fun doing it. I think that’s what really connects me to the audience – they know that if I’m involved in something it’s going to be a good time! And that’s what people are really craving, especially right now, a way to take a break and just have a good time!”

Ever since Evan Stone was crowned Best New Stud in 1999 by the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) he has starred in over 720 movies in both mainstream and adult. And now, after securing his reign as a top entertainer by winning 15+ major awards throughout his diverse acting career, Evan is going back to the beginning to bring his fans a special treat – The Evan Stone Ladies Night Tour.

“I started out in the entertainment industry as a dancer. I can’t wait to get up on stage with my buddies at different clubs around the country that feature Ladies Night male reviews. It’s been something I’ve been working on for a while now, and after getting so much fan-mail asking about my shows now seems like the perfect time to make it happen,” said Evan.

Evan Stone’s all-male review tour will kick off in July at Crazy Girls, and will be sure to bring many heartthrobs up close and personal with hungry fans who may have never had an opportunity to see their favorite “studs” in person before. And that’s not all Evan has in store for us – for the past year Evan has been hard at work creating a multi-million dollar 9-room Cam House, soon to be packed with fresh new faces (and a few of his personal favorites). With Evan’s 24-hour live Cam-House site launching AND a Ladies NightTour kicking in, you may be wondering – does he even have time now to act in new movies? And of course the ever youthful & energetic superstar will always find a way to make the time. Whether on the road or in the studio Evan Stone is an industry icon who’s talent and innovation constantly surprises and proves to us all that he’s not just another “pretty face”! Be sure to look for news and tour updates on his website at

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Evan on MySpace = Click HERE.

Here is a story on the whole super bowl incident…straight from EVAN’s web site…

Hollywood Grind says:
The Super Bowl Comcast cable audience in Tuscon, Arizona had their program interrupted by 30 seconds of porn after a touchdown. A portion of a video from Club Jenna starring porn star Evan Stone was shown.

The clip appeared on Tucson-based KVOA-TV but, according to reports, cable provider Comcast is to blame for the snafu.

“The feed originated with NBC local affiliate KVOA in Tucson and traveled via a fiber optic line to the Cox Cable Company, which then relayed the feed through a separate line to Comcast,” said tech analyst Ian Paul. “Both KVOA and Cox say the problem lies with Comcast, as the KVOA feed was porn-free when it left the station, and Cox did not receive any complaints from its customers.”

Corporate Affairs Manager with Comcast, Kelle Maslyn, said:

“We are investigating the cause, and working with engineers at Cox Communications to find out why this happened.”

When Evan Stone learned that his face, and other body parts, had been broadcast during the Super Bowl he said:

“That’s incredible,” he said, adding that he thought he had reached the peak of his media saturation when his face appeared on an episode of South Park.

“The people who appear on South Park, they usually destroy them,” he said. “When I saw myself on that show, I figured, ’I’m vindicated. This is all I need.’ But this, wow.”

As for the GIRL in the super bowl clip, TMZ happened to run into Tristan Kingsley in the San Fernando Valley — aka the porn capitol of the world — where the “Wild Cherries 5” star seemed to be soaking up her newfound mainstream exposure. Comcast is currently offering $10 in apology money to anyone who saw it — but anyone interested in seeing more of Tristan can check out sure-to-be-classics like “Masks and Capes, Ropes and Gags!” and “Double Jeopardy for Captive Girlfriends!”

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One reply on “The Troll’s Male Sack: Evan Stone Superbowl Replay”

Word! Evan’s so mint and I can’t wait to see him dance! I’d rather have him smack me in the face with his stones but I hear he’s married so I’ll respect that. Then again a wife’s not a wall. Then again he does porn so I’m thinking it might not really be an out of line request.

Much as I love Evan and his all his sass I call party foul on the guitar playing, Evan c’mon that’s for frat douches you are so much better than that! Gang bangs are fine but I really draw the line at acoustic guitar.

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