I’d Show These Girls A REAL New Moon

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The award for Official Best Job In The World at 3:54 PM Pacific Yesterday goes to a fella named David Chen. Who is Chen, you ask? He is with a website called Slash Film. Which is covering Comic-Con. Where, yesterday, THOUSANDS of young ladies were camped out in front of the San Diego Convention Center in hopes of claiming a seat for themselves at today’s TWILIGHT panel.

Now, why is this on a site devoted to getting our jollies off? Well, stick with me here, because here is where the fun begins. I would like you to visit THIS PAGE, and watch one of the two interviews conducted by Mr. Chen. Now you see what I’m getting at, eh, old chap? All those nice, small, well-built, compact little tents and blankets. The troll has found himself a new playground! Heheee!!

Is it just me, or do the first minute or two of these clips start out like every POV porn out there today? I wonder…do these lovely fangirls hook up while waiting on these lines? Or are the fanboys among them who are waiting for the Tron and Avatar panels too shy to approach them? Perhaps Mr. David Chen has them all to himself? Perhaps David Chen, you can be our hero and savior. Please, for the love of all of us here at home who can’t, please have your way with these girls. If you let them call you “Edward” or “Robert” you’re in like FLYNN. Then again, and speaking of… FLYNN’S ARCADE might take priority even for a horny creature like myself! Choices. So many tough choices.

One more thing…if Bella has sex with a werewolf, is it still considered bestiality?

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