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God Wants You to Touch Yourself

My Troll buddy may have ended July with a prayer, but we’re starting August out with a HALLELUJAH! There’s something very sexy about naughty nuns, and hot nuns at that. If they were 400 pounds or 70 years old, it may not hit my g-spot but these young nubile sluts-turned-saints are just what this Scumbag needs. A threesome with two girls on one guy IS the Holy Trinity, after all. You’ll also love the rousing soundtrack. The best part though? This was originally titled, “Please Father, My Ass First.” Hilarious. The only drawback is the language barrier. I like to pretend he’s reciting the book of Matthew, or maybe the Da Vinci Code.

Now please say four Hail Marys when you drop on the floor after catching these nuns on the run… to be fucked!

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