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She Wasn’t Raised Correctly

Every now and again I get a boner. And even though my Troll-Ween is not nearly as large as I’d like, it fills up with enough blood to stiffen a plenty – begging for the touch of a nice lady. As you’ve probably guessed, now is one of those times. You too? Well, what do we do? There’s no ladies in sight! This is a job for Genie the babysitter! She’ll know what to do. Yep, see? I knew it – this badly raised cocksucker will do just that. So spit on your hand and rub up and down and pretend those are her pretty wet lips on you. You’ll feel much better right around 19:02!

Ahhhh. What would we do without girls who grew up hating their fathers!?!

By The Troll

Just one little troll who didn't wanna play with the others, just himself.

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