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A young lad by the name of Theodore writes in and asks, “Troll, your clips are fantastic, but I see all of these big dicks going into the girls and mine is not like that. Am I a fag?”

Well, Theo, according to the “Kinsey Report,” the average is 6.16 inches and the average is 4.84 inches. Believe it or not, there is a correct way to measure your . Follow the 5 simple steps below to get a proper mesaurement…
1. Make sure you are as erect as possible.
2. Using a ruler or measuring tape, press one end against the base of the TOP side of your .
3. Read the measurement where the TIP of your touches the ruler.
4. If you’re using a cloth tape, hold it as straight as possible. A cloth tape on an exceptionally curved could mess up your results.
5. To measure the , wrap a strip of paper or string around the base of the shaft and measure the once you uncurl it.

As for if you’re a homosexual or not, all you need do is watch this clip of the day. If you do not swell, then, yes, I am afraid you are indeed a homo. Happy measuring, Theo!

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