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Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane & Kari Ann Peniche’s Sex Tape


The latest celebrity sex tape: Rebecca Gayheart, Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane and Kari Ann Peniche. I don’t watch Grey’s, have no idea who Peniche is and know Gayheart’s bug eyes prevented her from being hot back in her Urban Legend / Jawbreaker days – I couldn’t imagine the mess she’s become a decade later. Still, we all might as well check this out…

Courtesy of Fleshbot.

Xbiz has more on the matter…

The latest celebrity sex tape features a threesome of naked celebs — “Grey’s Anatomy” star Eric Dane, his wife, actress and model Rebecca Gayheart and former Miss Teen USA and Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche.

First reported by, and leaked by an unknown source, the 12-minute sex tape shows the apparently inebriated threesome (Gayheart says she needs to lay down because she’s so high) frolicking in Peniche’s apartment discussing what their porn names would be. Dane’s: Tuff Hedemen.

The girls disrobe and jump into the Jacuzzi, passing the camera to Dane to keep filming. The edited video on Gawker shows Gayheart and Peniche topless.

A source told Gawker that former Miss Teen USA turned Playboy model Peniche was working as a Hollywood madam and it was the Hollywood Vice Squad that got a hold of Peniche’s client list and this sex tape that she had subsequently been showing to friends.

Celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt doesn’t know who leaked the footage, but he hypothesized their motive.

“It’s a real shame this tape leaked the way it did,” Blatt told XBIZ. “I believe it was someone who wanted to get even with Rebecca. Releasing this tape with no ability to profit from it is the sign of a junkie.”

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