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The Troll’s Male Sack: Mice

Lacy writes: “Dear Mr. Troll, I have mice in my apartment. They are eating all the wires behind my computer desk. What do I do?”

Well, Lacy, my suggestion is for you to just masturbate yourself! You’ll feel so much more relaxed and up to dealing with your rodent infestation. In fact, why not use a mouse to get off? Like this lady here (although I do admit this is NOT the best example)…

The way ladies treat their bodies these days. Terrible. Some of you might enjoy this. Me, well, I don’t see how anyone would have a wired mouse these days. This girl probably still uses a PC as well. Doesn’t she know the sleek white design of the Apple bluetooth mighty mouse would feel so much better? I just cannot get off to this because of this reason.

By The Troll

Just one little troll who didn't wanna play with the others, just himself.

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