Wolf Creature Fucks Young Skinny Asian Girl!


Posted by The Troll | Posted in asian, Blowjob, Brunette, Masturbation, Spoof / Funny, Videos, Youngins | Posted on 30-08-2009

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Ah. Look what we have here! Seems this skinny Asian is about to get an unexpected visit! Seeing this clip brought me fond memories of my time in the forests. I had heard about this white creature. The lady trolls would all speak of his sexploits. They spoke of the dangers of wandering around Gobler’s Nook and Whisper Falls too late – for if they did then they would surely meet the miserable fate of rape by whitewolf! It’s all I heard. Every single day – same old tales. The way they’d talk about it, it was as if deep down they wanted to get paid a visit by this mythical beast. Needless to say, I waited, hidden, in Gobler’s Nook night and day and I never saw so much as a skinny dip let alone good old fashioned wolfrape.

No matter! Now, thanks to this clip – I can finally witness what I have longed to see for many years…and so can you! Heheheheheeheeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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