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The Polish Yeti!

Looks Like I’m Not The Only Perv Of The Forests!

Back in the secretive forests of Troll World, I was the only troll who would go off alone. While the other trolls played their troll and gnomey games, I’d go off all alone and play with myself. I was the only troll who was more interested in secretly peeping at naked ladies than playing “hide the rock.” Sometimes I wish I had others to share in these endeavors – but I was sadly all alone. Oh if only I lived in Poland! Take this Polish Yeti, for example…my kind of scum!

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The Polish Yeti allegedly roaming the Tatra mountains has been spotted again already. Earlier this week The Morningstarr reported how 27 year old Piotr Kowalski from Warsaw spotted an ape-like creature hiding amongst rocks up in the Tatra mountains. Now 19 year old Justyna Folger has come forward with a video of her on a camping trip in the same area.

Folger reported to Superexpress how the hairy creature stalked her as she swanned around in her bikini as her boyfriend filmed with his free hand.

“I wandered into the river for a dip when I realized that something was on the opposite shore,” she said.

“At first I thought it was a bear but it appeared to be stooping and then it raised itself on to two legs and ran off. I couldn’t believe it.”

Mountain rangers are now searching for the unidentified beast, and they’re confident they’ll find it if it exists.

“We are investigating the matter. If there is something out there we will find it,” National Park Guards Commander Edward Wlazlo told Superexpress.

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