The Troll’s Big Male Sack: Who Is Melanie Jane?


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Here’s one of the latest pieces of mail I’ve pulled from me sack…

Dear Sexual Troll,

In your porn travels, do you know anything about a girl named Melanie Jane a.k.a. ? I think she’s new but– dear lord– I think she’s even hotter than Jenna Haze. Here is a video I jerked off to time and time again:

She’s a little jenna wannabe but I think this is my new fave. If you ever meet her in person I will truly be jealous.

Your pal,

Well ASSparagus, allow me to say THANK YOU for your letter and an even BIGGER THANK YOU for alerting our cocks n balls to little miss Melanie over here! As always, we welcome links from our readers and even encourage you lovely couples out there to record yourselves in the act of fornication and send it in so I, the Troll, can beat me meat! heheheheheeeeee!

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