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The Troll’s Big Mail Sack: E.T. & Me

Dear Troll,
I loved the film E.T. when I was a little kid. I love it even more now as a grown man. I love it so much I wanna fuckin’ fuck that little fuck, E.T. – should I seek help?
Keep it UP, yours, Aliengorged.

Well, son, to your question I will answer NO! You do not need to seek help, for all the assistance you require is contained in the following embedded video. Just pull you pants down and gently rub off to these beautiful femaliens who are surly from ET’s green planet…

TOBACCO – Super Gum from TOBACCO on Vimeo.

Doncha just love how melancholy these creatures look as they take it?! Doesn’t it just get you off all the harder!? Dare i say my orgasm was… otherworldly! Heheheheeeeeee!!!

By The Troll

Just one little troll who didn't wanna play with the others, just himself.

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