This Ain’t Celebrity Apprentice!!

Watch the characters from Hustler Video’s “This Ain’t Celebrity Apprentice” raise the stakes even higher as they compete for the big win!

You’re fired, so lets fuck! Horny celebs try to make good by getting it up and on for a greater cause. Sharon is a yummy mummy and Cyndi just wants to have fun! This parody of the hit celebrity show will give you a hard boner that the original one can not achieve…

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By The Troll

Just one little troll who didn't wanna play with the others, just himself.

One reply on “This Ain’t Celebrity Apprentice!!”

not to split hairs har har har but that’s a hella shitty Trump wig. The folks behind the Antoine Dobson costume probably could’ve done a better job.

c’mon porn hair department get it together you’re ruining it for me.

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