Tori Black is Wonder Woman

Mile High Media proudly announces the casting of Tori Black as the sexiest Wonder Woman ever. “Wonder Woman XXX” from studio Hardcore Parody caters to the ever increasing demand for AVN’s 2010 Performer of the Year and America’s hottest super hero. With her finger dialed into the pulse of the consumer, performer- turned-director, Ashlynn Brooke promises to make waves with her second directorial project under the Mile High Media banner. She explains her casting choice, “Tori epitomizes everything about today’s Wonder Woman. She’s a gorgeous, leggy, strong, independent woman and a true super hero in our industry. Having her as the star of our film will drive sales and interest worldwide.”

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Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt says, “The timing is perfect for an adult parody of ‘Wonder Woman’. Consumer interest is at an all-time high so we knew we needed to act fast to capitalize on it. ‘Wonder Woman XXX’ with Tori Black is going to be an in-demand release providing a boost to end of the year sales.”

Director Ashlynn Brooke adds, “Tori was our ideal choice for Wonder Woman. Her tall, lean body fits with the requirements of the character, but she also has the magnetic charm Wonder Woman often relied on when working under the disguise of her alter ego. This is one of Tori’s most dynamic roles, showing why she is continually praised as a top performer in the industry.”

In “Wonder Woman XXX”, the Iraqi government has once again penetrated US soil, sending their top spy to infiltrate America’s most lucrative business, the porn industry. Through the help of a sultry US informant, the Iraqi spy gains access to California’s biggest porn production sets in order to steal their secrets. There is only one person who can stop the Iraqi insurgence by making a man crumble to his knees and beg for mercy—Wonder Woman. Will the Iraqi spy succeed in his mission to rip off America’s beloved porn, or will he succumb to the wealth and riches of the most sought after body on the planet? Will Wonder Woman save the day, or are her powers futile against the terrorist attacks? Only watching “Wonder Woman XXX” will reveal the answers.

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