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The Troll’s Big Male Sack: Sex on The Grid

It’s been a while since you kiddies have written your favorite Troll, let’s hear what’s on your disturbed little minds out there! Ahh! Here we go, an email from a lad named Mervyn. He writes:

Dear Mr. Troll, I am a big fan of Tron and an even bigger fan of watching fucking. Do you think Programs have sex? Like, on The Grid in Tron and TRON: Legacy? I ask because I frequently masturbate to Siren Gem and would love to legitimize my fantasy of her taking off my clothes with her laser finger and readying me for the Games, and licking my scrote before she tells me to “survive.” What are your thoughts on this?

Hello Mervyn. I do not know what you are talking about as I am but a small little Troll from the forest where there are no movies like TRON. However, I know much about sex so I am inclined to say yes if it helps you get your cum out. Perhaps Playboy can help more than I can as they have a new TRON-themed pictorial called “Game On” – check out what the boobies of Programs look like HERE! I wonder if they will RECTAfy hehehehehehoooo!

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