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The Troll’s Big Mail Sack: Candy

Remember readers, you can always click on the “About The Troll” button at the top of the page and send me questions, concerns and any other queries on your mind. A welcomed female reader who calls herself “SweetTooth” did just that! She wrote:

“Dear Troll, I am a straight girl who loves your site. So thanks for turning me on. I think, while there is something for every sexual taste, I’d like to see something a little less hardcore for once, maybe something hot but sweet, if you know what I mean? Thanks again and keep up your winning combination of sex and comedy! XOXO”

Thank you SweetTooth! I enjoy knowing I provide “Something for every sexual taste! But as to try and satisfy yours specifically… let’s see, something not as hardcore… but still hot… something sweet… hmmmm…. AHH! yes! I have just the thing! Perhaps you should continue reading this article after the jump, for I have provided one of the most mind-blowing mainstream films you will ever lay eyes upon. CANDY. See the trailer for the 1968 masterpiece below and watch the film, which is currently out of print on DVD, after the jump! You have not lived until you have seen Ringo Starr playing a Mexican who basically rapes sweet innocent “Candy” while a drunk Richard Burton has sex with a mannequin across the room! Actually, come to think of it, they all kind of rape her… this Candy is going to taste great! You’ll see! heheheeee!!!….

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