Moaning Is Awesome


Posted by The Troll | Posted in Masturbation, Videos | Posted on 30-05-2011

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Hello sickies, The Troll here! heheheheheeeeeee! I am giggling because i just jerked me meat which means i feel nice right now. Ahh if only it would last! Funny, it wasn’t even one of my usual embedded vids that cause my current state of euphoria. Nope, it wasn’t a video at all in fact! Well, technically it is a video, but it’s a clip of just darkness. No image. Only audio. However could i release to such a boring sounding clip, you ask? Well, it’s because I discovered the new trend of MOANING VIDEOS! HEHEEEEE! Yes, lads, you heard it right — people are now getting around YouTube’s strict no-nudity or adult content clause by just uploading the sound of their pleasures! And I will have you know, ’tis very hot indeed! So hot, these generous clips that have been shared with the world almost eliminate the need for . So sit back, slip out of your trousers, and have a listen to what folks like YouTube user “xXBrokenXxLoverXx” are doing to themselves…

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