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SMASH Pictures “ XXX Porn ” Directed by Jim Powers and shot in HD is set for a September 15th release.

It was on night that a young Michael Myers inexplicably slaughtered his slutty older sister (RAVEN ALEXIS). Fifteen later, he escapes a mental hospital and returns home. Spotting a scholarly looking teenager, Laurie (), the deranged psychopath Michael lusts after her and stalks her. Finding her trampy friends, Annie (ANDY SAN DIMAS) and Lynda (LEXI BELLE) engaging in carnal acts with their boyfriends on eve, just as his sister did years ago, sets Michael off.

While her friends are off engaging in sex acts and getting killed, the responsible Laurie is at home babysitting. Unable to reach her friends by phone, Laurie becomes suspicious and walks across the street to Annie’s darkened house and comes fact to face with Michael Myers himself.

Source = Hollywood Skin Co

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