The Troll’s Male Sack: Slit Size


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“Jimmy” writes to me:

Hi Troll, you are so cool. Ya know what’s not cool? Girls judging the size of my dick. I mean, I’m not like a mushroom or anything but i think they wish it was bigger than average. I’m sorry but everyguy is not a porn actor, ya know! Whatever happened to “it’s not the size but how you use it’ and all that! I hate girls who make a face when they see my dick. It’s like – fuck you! Anyway, keep it up! — Jimmy

Well, Jimmy, Lemme tell ya, I’ve been thinking and if girls can judge guys buy the length of their cock then we guys should all be judging girls by the shortness of their slits. In other words, girls over 22 need not apply! We want it and we want it . Like here:

Ouch. That looked like it hurt.


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