Sex Toy Successfully Launches Into Space

Los Angeles, CA – October 24, 2011 — On Saturday Oct 8, 2011, Adult toys retailer lead the first successful launch of a sex toy into space and back.’s branded vibrating bullet moved at speed of 1,800 feet per minute and reached an estimated maximum altitude of 120,000 feet. Powered by Energizer Lithium Ultimate AA batteries, the vibrating bullet was fully operational and vibrating for the entire 9-hour space voyage.

Though some media outlets have thought the project to be a pure publicity stunt, CEO Sextoy Dave commented, “This is really just a stepping stone to do more interesting experiments with sex toys. The success of this launch has our team planning the next space endeavor – we may be launching a sex doll into space to serve as an extraterrestrial representative baring the slogan, ‘We Come in Peace’.”

The vibrating bullet had a dramatic launch and rocky descent back into earth’s atmosphere. The ascent took over one hour and halfway through the ascent the bullet withstood the coldest temperatures of its journey at -75F.

The turbulent descent took approximately 30 minutes. The partially solar-powered, partially helium-filled balloon equipped with an HD video and still camera was tangled up in balloon debris and popped at around 19:24 into the descent. It hit the ground at upwards of 60 miles per hour rather than the gentle 5-10 mph expected. However, the payload was engineered to be impact-resistant, so nothing was damaged. The balloon and sex toy landed safely in an open field away from houses and people, and were retrieved by the team. Miraculously, the vibrator was still vibrating!

Pictures and video of the sex toy’s space voyage are posted on space-traveled vibrating bullet will be auctioned off on with proceeds benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For more information about this space voyage you can contact the company at or call the company directly at 310-358-0932.

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