I am always watching...

As I am new to the mystical realm of the internet, many out there are wondering just who I am.  I, for lack of better explanation, am the SEXUAL TROLL!  By physical appearance I look much the same as my fellow troll cohorts.  I come from a secret land filled with many gnomes and trolls.  But I was a wee bit different.  You see, when they would all be playing their troll and gnomey games, I liked to sneak off alone.  To the outskirts of my magic land.  To hide behind a tree or rock.  And look for human ladies.  Naked human ladies.  And watch them.  Watch them through the treeholes… 

…and play with myself all day long! Heeeheheheeee!!!

That was my life day in and day out for the last seventeen years.  Until recently.

You see, a young lad was hiking through the forest one summer afternoon and left his MacBook behind.  Well,  let me tell you – his loss is my (and your) gain!!  For now, I am able to sign on to this magical internet and share with you all the visual treaties that get me off!

Alas, the lad returned – and at first we battled mighty over who would keep the magical white polycarbonite portal into all me fantasies.  Then, we both relaxed and enjoyed a few clips of teenies flashing their bits – an alliance was formed!  Right there in the woods!  “The Sexual Troll” and “The Scumbag” formed a perverted alliance then and there in that very spot that shall forever be documented on this here website you be readin’!

So sit back, horny humans, and let’s troll!

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