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Zoe Voss Reveals New Breasts Via Twitter

AVN Starlet of the Year nominee Zoe Voss has revealed what appears to be an augmented set of boobers. “Surprise” was the tweet a half hour ago that linked to this page on her blog. Voss followed that up with “And when I say ‘surprise’, I’m not just pointing out the new color of my hair. Look closely.”

Although this Troll always prefers all-natural titties (and Zoe’s originals were among my faves in the biz on one of its most perfect bodies), I’m sure Ms. Voss is very pleased with the result and we are happy for her. BUT… with the AVN awards ceremony only days away, and the AEE Expo beginning tomorrow, can’t help but think this surprise could’ve been revealed to the world in grander fashion! Still, we’ll take what we can get!! Now if only we could each test those new bad boys out ourselves! Oh well, time to pop in our copy of PRON…

(See Zoe’s originals at the 37:00 mark)

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Olivia Gets A Little Wilde

For those of you who play with your joystick while you watch Quorra sitting on Flynn’s sofa in TRON: Legacy, may we point you in the direction of Olivia Wilde’s photo shoot for FHM France.

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Doc Brown’s Porn

October 25, 1955… the day Doc Brown invented time travel. And to celebrate, here we have some classic 1950’s Porn Pics to enjoy. From Doc Brown’s private collection!


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Once Again, In Honor Of ‘Avatar Day’

An exclusive look into the world of AVATAR with scenes NOT SHOWN in the free IMAX event today!

AlienPorn01 AlienPorn02-troll

And…wait a minute…is that – is that Na’vi Boob that we saw a glimpse of?


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The Troll Does Cameron Up His Avatar

James Cameron’s long-awaited AVATAR finally is upon us, and tomorrow the master will show the first glimpse into the world he’s been working on since Titanic back in 1997.

But I, The Sexual Troll, snuck into Cameron’s hotel room in San Diego late last night and was able to grab a few stills from his briefcase, as well as a case filled with his dirty briefs! Heheee! Take a look into the world of AVATAR…

AlienPorn01 AlienPorn02-troll

And because you asked for it, here’s another exclusive clip of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. This will be shown in 3D tomorrow in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center – but you can watch it before anyone here now, on the TROLL!

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The Troll Brings Comic-Con To You!


The festivities kick off in just a few hours at the San Diego Convention Center, and one of the biggest and most highly anticipated events at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is the Disney 3D panel which will feature the first looks at Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland and the long-awaited sequel to TRON. The panel takes place Thursday at 11am, but guess what? Being a magical troll I was able to come across this footage and sneak a peak for myself before anyone else! Heheheee!

What’s that? You want to see? Well why didn’t you say so!

Here’s the very first look at a scene from the new TRON film!……and here’s a bit of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland!…

Who needs to spend money on an expensive trip to San Diego when the troll has everything you need right here! Heeheheheeeeee.


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You Can Fuck Her

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about fucking. Specifically, fucking young human girls with the key word being young. Not so young where it’s an illegal situation. Just a nice young 18 or 19 year old vixen who’s prime to be stuffed with your throbbing member.

Sometimes, we just need it. We need to feel the tightness of their cunt walls squeeze our cocks, and in the process, drain them of their vital essence. The deeper we penetrate, the stronger the life force that we rob them of will be.


However, you know as well as I that harvesting on a teenage piece of poundcake is not always possible without ending your day in the slammer. I’ve learned that lesson one too many times. Which is why this troll is grateful for establishments such as the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. In the Troll World, we have no such place. If you want a young lass you are forced to rape. But not you humans. You humans are where it’s at. Why more states do not have such places is beyond me. I believe your world would be a lot friendlier of a place. Regardless, as long as I have the opportunity to visit such young beauties as “Charmed Love” (top pics) or “Kacey Jordan” (bottom) I’ll remain one happy troll who will stay outta trouble!

Now then, before I go, I just have to figure out who I should rob to get the proper shillings! Hehheheheeeeheheeeeeeee.

Visit the Bunny Ranch website to check out more pics and other girls on the menu.