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Meet 18-Yr-Old Amber and Her Braces…

Here we have Amber, an 18 year old who knows how to have fun. Watch her do it for the first time on cam!…

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Skinny Blonde Natural C’s Gets Creamed & Doesn’t Care

In real life, creampies scare the fuck out of me. I don’t want no baby! But in the movies, i like to watch it shoot deep up in those holes unannounced, like this gent does to this fine young lady!…

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Boozed Up On New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year all you horny bastards out there!

Love, your favorite little Troll.

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How Does The Fat Scumbag Get Them!?

As you know, i love clips with old guys or fat guys or best, both. I love watchin’ guys older n’ fatter than my little Troll self fuck little stick figures because it gives me hope… and that hope gets me off.

But THIS fucking guy… jesus christ. His clips really disturb the fuck out of me for some reason.

How is it that these tiny little specimens can touch him, let alone have their faces in his smelly fat taint?

This kinda blows my mind. And the coke (is it fake?) And his beating his chest like a gorilla. And the fact that they don’t even seem to be revolted.

What is going on here?!

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19 & Likes It Rough

Get her while she’s fresh! See her HERE.

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The Troll’s Male Sack: Slit Size

“Jimmy” writes to me:

Hi Troll, you are so cool. Ya know what’s not cool? Girls judging the size of my dick. I mean, I’m not like a mushroom or anything but i think they wish it was bigger than average. I’m sorry but everyguy is not a porn actor, ya know! Whatever happened to “it’s not the size but how you use it’ and all that! I hate girls who make a face when they see my dick. It’s like – fuck you! Anyway, keep it up! — Jimmy

Well, Jimmy, Lemme tell ya, I’ve been thinking and if girls can judge guys buy the length of their cock then we guys should all be judging girls by the shortness of their slits. In other words, girls over 22 need not apply! We want it young and we want it tight. Like here:

Ouch. That looked like it hurt.


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More Cam Fun

Last night’s Sammi show got me so worked up I decided to spank to some more! Look what these girls do!…

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See Sammi Cum

Check out Sammi. She is very hot when she cums. 14:30…

Shy teen strips and masturbates webcam

More here!

Screw that — more now…

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Drunk Babysitter’s Gonna Get It

Troll Fan ‘Looney’ has pointed out the fun of the 1:38 mark of this particular clip and we agree!

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Meet Roxy Heart

Troll Fan Pinitch sends us this French Canadian delight…

Roxy Heart-Not.Just.Another.8teen brought to you by PornHub

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Some Real McLovin!

Troll Devotee “Looney” sent us a link to this:

I know many of you out there will whip out and rub to this, and that’s fine. But honestly, this just made me hungry. The girl is cute and all, yes, no argument there, but this fella took the time to fuck a McDonalds worker and never once does he shout “I’m Lovin’ It!” during his performance. To top it off, we don’t even get to see her get his special sauce. I’m goin’ to Burger King. The King, now there’s a guy who knows how to have a good time!…

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Amateur Sex, Not-So-Amateur Music!

The Troll endorses this amateur clip! Yeah, sure, the girl is young and tight enough, fine fine, but that’s not why. As longtime Troll site visitor “Looney” pointed out – this clip has a great music score! Check it out as you do what you do to yourself when you’re alone!

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For Japan

Please be well, so more of this can happen!

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Old Guy, Young Girl!

These videos… they give us all hope…

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Chastity Is Your XXXmas Miracle