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Here’s what I believe to be one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) dialogue in any porn ever, shared between early 90s icons Selena Steele and Joey Silvera…

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Meet Zoey Kush

This tight little brunette is new to the biz and she’s off to the right kind of start. Let us hope she’s not an idiot and doesn’t tamper with those perfect knobs!

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My Favorite Sounds In The Universe

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Meet Roxy Heart

Troll Fan Pinitch sends us this French Canadian delight…

Roxy Heart-Not.Just.Another.8teen brought to you by PornHub

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Meet Rosemary

Rosemary Radeva is a new cute little Asian who recently started taking clothes off and cocks in. Watch!…

For more, watch little Rosemary make friends with Tanner Mayes right HERE.

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Nerd Sex With Audrey Bitoni

So this not so hot chick Audrey basically molests a not so believable nerd in a library. Still, this worked for me.

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Some Real McLovin!

Troll Devotee “Looney” sent us a link to this:

I know many of you out there will whip out and rub to this, and that’s fine. But honestly, this just made me hungry. The girl is cute and all, yes, no argument there, but this fella took the time to fuck a McDonalds worker and never once does he shout “I’m Lovin’ It!” during his performance. To top it off, we don’t even get to see her get his special sauce. I’m goin’ to Burger King. The King, now there’s a guy who knows how to have a good time!…

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18-year-old Zoey here has a giant gross tattoo and is flirting with a muffintop. So quick! Hurry! Jerk off to this one while you have the chance! She won’t stay like this for long!!

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Meet Gigi Rivera

An 18 year Old with a bit of spice for all you Latina lovers out there.

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Amai Lui Is Back

Remember Amai? She’s the tiny little thing who did all those terrible things with the old man in the shower. Yeah. You remember. Well here she is back doing what she loves best, fucking older men for your enjoyment…

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Little Lupe Fuentes To The Rescue!

This is one of the craziest stories I’ve heard of in a while. ..

A New Yorker was traveling in Venezuela and bought a porn called Little Lupe The Innocent starring Lupe Fuentes. But when he got to customs in Puerto Rico, he was detained for transporting images of a minor. He faced a whopping 20 years in jail. After spending two months awaiting trial, his case finally went before a judge. A customs agent and pediatrician both testified, saying the girl was absolutely underage in the video. However, she most certainly was not — and lucky for him, Little Lupe packed her bags and flew to Puerto Rico. She showed up in court with proof of her age. All charges were dismissed and the man was able to go home -after months of his life had been wasted in jail and under house arrest. You humans are quite a peculiar lot if this Troll says so himself.

Now that everyone can agree Lupe is Legal, let’s enjoy!…

Lupe Fuentes striping and teasing brought to you by PornHub

Source = The Adult Academy

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For Japan

Please be well, so more of this can happen!

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Meet Tria

This site officially declares this dude as today’s official luckiest-guy-in-the-world…


Finish her off after the jump!…

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Old Guy, Young Girl!

These videos… they give us all hope…

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She is So Tiny. He is So Lucky!

She likes older men. He likes younger girls. A perfect match. Ahh, if only life was only this easy. But it is not. Life is difficult for you humans. You have your bills and your traffic and your rude people and jobs that depress you. We Trolls do not have any of this. Which is why I enjoy showing you videos like this. So you may relax, slip off your slacks and pretend you are the old man who likes the little girls.