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Umm, Kat, Err… I’m Not So Sure ‘Bout This

Crazy Kat here doesn’t seemed too concerned about the hygienic aspects of what she’s about to let these two men do to her. Which is exactly why I love her! Heheheheheheheh!!!!!!

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Meet Zeina Heart

Oh, hello, Zeina. Nice outfit. Even nicer vagina.


The Troll! heheheheheeeeeee!!!!

Beautiful Zeina Heart brought to you by PornHub

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The Troll’s Big Male Sack: Who Is Melanie Jane?

Here’s one of the latest pieces of mail I’ve pulled from me sack…

Dear Sexual Troll,

In your porn travels, do you know anything about a girl named Melanie Jane a.k.a. Melanie Rios? I think she’s new but– dear lord– I think she’s even hotter than Jenna Haze. Here is a video I jerked off to time and time again:

She’s a little jenna wannabe but I think this is my new fave. If you ever meet her in person I will truly be jealous.

Your pal,

Well ASSparagus, allow me to say THANK YOU for your letter and an even BIGGER THANK YOU for alerting our cocks n balls to little miss Melanie over here! As always, we welcome links from our readers and even encourage you lovely couples out there to record yourselves in the act of fornication and send it in so I, the Troll, can beat me meat! heheheheheeeeee!

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Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy

Hello, lads! It is I, the Sexual Troll! Heheheheheeeee!! I have been away from the laptop on a journey to the homeland of Troll World. But fear not, you naughty, horny imps — I shall return with more clips of youngins that will drain your drips!

‘Til then, take some time to watch all of my favorite film of ALL TIME. Seriously — forget AVATAR, this is the real movie that changed films as we know it!

Enjoy, and happy whoreydays, from your Troll!!!!!! Heheeee!!!

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Spunk Sauce For Roxy Jizel

As a little troll, we have to worry about a great many things. Ogres, dangers of the forest and wild animals trying to eat us. But at least we don’t have some of the terrible diseases that plague you humans. Take skin cancer, for example. Terrible! Luckily, there is a fantastic method to prevent this – as you will see used on the sexy half Brit half Asian Roxy Jizel…

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A Real Monster

Hello, humans. As you know, monsters are very scary. But are they real or just imaginary? It is hard to know for sure. But I think this video proves that some monsters are indeed very, very real…like the one that finds its way inside this tight latina’s innocent hole!


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Little Lupe Attacked in the Streets

So I don’t know what a “Zuleidy Lapiedra” is… but I found out today. Zuleidy actually went by another name, Little Lupe in her claim for fuck fame. Now, she goes by Lupe Fuentes, I suppose to help trick unsuspecting Daisy Fuentes fans. In any case, I stumbled upon her running in the streets from two guys, where she was captured by gunpoint to fuck. Wrapped in cellophane, she’s ordered to suck cock in a closet, and then bent over and fucked in the ass to serve man. What a trooper this exotic little minx is.

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The Annoying-Voiced Exotic With The Hot Bod

“I like what I do,” says this web stripper to a fella named Hank. What she does is basically take six good minutes to tease us with those big great tits of hers and then lots of gay lip licking until she gives up some ass fourteen minutes in. Alright, now we’re getting somewhere. Show me that fucking ass you webcunt. Show it. NO! Goddamn I don’t care that you made the cover for the next issue of Cherri magazine I wanna SEE your Cherri right now, damn you!

AHHH, there we go, baby, it took almost 16 minutes but now we’re into something good…

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The Troll’s Peeps From The Peeps!

Hello! Many of you have taken advantage of the “Submit a Query” page, and your questions have led to delightful releases for all. Yet, unfortunately, no one has utilized the “Submit a Clip” feature…until now!

Mr. Snaker says: “Troll – Must share this one with you, fucking Asian girl is so nasty.. it’s great.”

Well, Mr. Snaker, thanks for your submission (and emission) – and now..let us peep!…

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Alexis Love Is Tight

Trolls have their own troll language. But I have spent so much time behind trees spying on humans doing what they do when they’re naked that I have picked up quite a bit on English over the years. And I must say that I have one sentence in particular that is my very favorite among all…and it is, “Mister, am I doing this right? I’m only eighteen, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

See lovely little Alexis Love say just that to a dirty, rotten, filthy old dude at the 16:57 mark!

I first started keeping on eye on Alexis when she first broke onto the scene last year. There might be things that you can say about this or that, but no one can argue me about that nice little body of hers. I just hope, now that she’s getting roles in bigger productions, that her tight frame stays that way. I’ve seen one too many TIGHTS turn into FRIGHTS overnights!

Have your way with her again and again after the jump!…