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Back To School Time

September 1. A day many teens dread. School season has arrived. But do not fret, boys! Look at this particular student. He went to school and his teacher had sexual intercourse with him! Maybe this week it’ll happen to you! But if it does not, do not dispair– you always have me, The Troll, to show you guys who are luckier than you…

Teacher Makes Her Student Cum Twice! brought to you by PornHub

PS – This boy must have been left back. He is very old to be a student. But with teachers like this, I can see why he would be in no rush to graduate!

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Uncle Harvey’s Place is Where You Fuck Young Girls

Oh Uncle Harvey. You’re so foul mouthed, but your caretaker is so pretty mouthed. Whatever will you do! Will his Tourette’s get the better of him, or will he force this little thang to suck his cock and fuck him to good health? Only one way to find out.

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Wal Mart Is Having A Sale

For some more Wal Mart creatures, check out the hilarious People of Wal Mart!

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The Troll’s Peeps From The Peeps: Oil Sex

Alabaster sends us this clip and asks the question, “Will she ever catch him?”

Let’s find out!…

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Let Us Pray…and Prey

I thought we would wrap up July with a prayer. What more needs to be said, really. This Man of the Lord sums it up best when he says, “Show Me Good Your Face! Yes!”

Funny. The Preist only asked to see her face…and she wound up showing her entire vagina to him. Now there’s a guy who can’t complain he doesn’t get nun! Heheheheheeeeee!!!!!

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Morgan Freeman Is My Kind Of Scum


One reader has brought it to my attention that Morgan Freeman is awesome. Sure, you may be saying, “Troll – Morgan is the man! He’s been awesome way before he drove that old hag and ever since he was on The Electric Company!”

Yes. But, he is now even more awesome, because Freeman is driving his 72 year-old dark knight into a 27 year-old Daisy! Wait, it gets better. She is his step-granddaughter! How awesome is that!!!??? And if you have a problem with this, before you pass judgment, may we give the benefit of the doubt that one of them is dyslexic?

I do not have any Morgan Semen video for you of these two sneaky love birds in the act, but I invite you to pretend it would go down something like this. Same exact thing, only with his lil’ freeman instead of his nose…

Source = WorstPreviews

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Selena Steele Is Back!

Selena Steele and I go way back. In fact, she was my first porno crush. Back in the early to mid-ninties, when bushes were being trimmed but were still prominent, Selena broke on to the scene in John Leslie’s Chameleon. So young, fiery and wild – Leslie shot her to stardom by giving her the lead in his giant sequel Curse of the Catwoman. From that moment on, I snuck out of my forest nook to grab every VHS tape on 42nd Street that bare her name.

She would often come and do shows at Show World Center on 42nd & 8th that would blow my troll mind! Ahh the good old days. Every once and a while I’ll be walking down 42nd these days and I’ll stop, look into one of the shops such as Wax Museum or Ripley’s and think to myself, “I came on that very floor fifteen years ago.”

Alas, Selena faded away once the Nineties were over, but has recently re-emerged in a new crop of “mature” videos. I must say, although her mammaries look like they’ve gotten yet another unnecessary blow up, she’s held it together quite well and continues to be the one woman fuck fest she was always known as. Just look at her take this bastards cock between her tits. She displays a commitment to a tit fuck that the girls of today can’t be bothered with…and it’s nice to see that the “Selena slurp” is still in effect after all these years!

Check out Curse of the Catwoman HERE!

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Insane In The Ukraine

I know you all have your good days and bad days. And these days, more often than not, there are more bad than good. But I want you to remember something. As bad as your day went today, you always have PORN. And you always have the Troll to point you in the right direction. Except for Ukrainians…

Possession of pornography is now a criminal offense in Ukraine, reports, after Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko signed a law to that effect today. Now pornography can be kept only “for medical purposes,” according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice. Punishment for possession of pornography will include fines and imprisonment for up to three years.

To think! My favorite little sluts to get off to come right from that very land! Well, I guess this is good news for all the teenie Ukrainians who go into the smut biz. Now their daddies will never know what bad little girls they raised! But I will! And so will you…

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The De-Evolution of Pornstar Ginger Lynn

Looking back at porn before the days of suffocation or five dicks in one asshole, there was a little girl named Ginger Lynn. She was wicked hot with a tight body and a fire in her eyes that would absolutely ignite your pants. This is a half-assed video timeline of Ginger, from her debut as a fuckslut to her latest as a … well, we’ll let you find out inside!

Ginger Lynn: The Early Days… with everybody’s favorite Tom Byron