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Well This Is Kinda Interesting/Cool

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In Celebration Of The Final Harry Potter Film…

Definitely a Slytherin…

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The Leprechaun Cums Twice

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Laddies!

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Animated Condoms Fuck Sleeping Blonde

Technology has allowed animated condoms to fuck sleeping blondes. Forget about 3D or HD, CG is the future of pornography…and my only regret is that I can’t understand what these creepy little fuckers are saying before they slide between this hotties tits or into her pussy or ass. And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, it gets even weirder. Watch below.

Weird enough for you?

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Happy Poo Year!

The Troll 🙂

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TRON: Jeremy

Tron: Jeremy – Watch more Funny Videos

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Jenna Haze’s Thrill Her

ZZinsider presents it’s first ever spoof video: THRILL HER, inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Starring Jenna Haze and Scott Nails, this spoof has its heart in the right place but, like so many others misses the mark with sloppy execution.

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Tom Byron presents ‘The Human Sexipede’

The trailer for the latest XXX parody from XXX legend Tom Byron “The Human Sexipede,” starring Amber Rayne, Sunny Lane, Danica Dillan, Jynx Maze, and Kaci Starr…

“My balls are so big and blue, they’re like extras from Avatar.”

The Human Sexipede Trailer | Girls |
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Allysin Chaines In Wonderland

Allysin Chaines Stars In Wonderland brought to you by PornHub

Yes, all good. Maybe even better than Tim Burton’s. But in no way shape or form even close to what lies after the jump…

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Man On Street w/ Cam Vs. 17 Year Old Girl & Co.

Little Ms. Blondie Thick Legs over here just wanted to strike her pretentious ballerina poses in the middle of busy Manhattan. All was well and the creepy photo shoot was going swimmingly, until the man with the camera walked up and started videotaping nice close-up shots of her tush.

This prompts some of her friends and someone who may be her mom to call him a pervert. But my question is how is he any different the the men who were taking pictures of her in the first place? You humans are very perplexing….

Whatever you think of our videographer friend here, there is no denying one thing we can agree on – “goober” is the new best insult ever!

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The Troll’s Big Mail Sack: E.T. & Me

Dear Troll,
I loved the film E.T. when I was a little kid. I love it even more now as a grown man. I love it so much I wanna fuckin’ fuck that little fuck, E.T. – should I seek help?
Keep it UP, yours, Aliengorged.

Well, son, to your question I will answer NO! You do not need to seek help, for all the assistance you require is contained in the following embedded video. Just pull you pants down and gently rub off to these beautiful femaliens who are surly from ET’s green planet…

TOBACCO – Super Gum from TOBACCO on Vimeo.

Doncha just love how melancholy these creatures look as they take it?! Doesn’t it just get you off all the harder!? Dare i say my orgasm was… otherworldly! Heheheheeeeeee!!!

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Nevermind Tony Stark — Let’s Kick Off The Summer With SEX TREK!

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Porn !

Watch the awkward situatiations unfold for Larry in Hustler Video’s “This Ain’t Curb Your Enthusiasm XXX.”

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Mars Needs Women: Aliens Fuck Mankind!

Stumbled upon this disturbing video of a real-life extra-terrestrial invading this poor young woman’s vagina. Oh the humanity where outer space beings can ravage our bodies. And talk about an anal probe!! Can’t believe Brandi Lyons survived this. Can you?

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Love My Tender Pussy

Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll… and of vagina! Watch as he fucks her tender…

Fuck Me Tender brought to you by PornHub