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Fame Registry’s Top 100 Starlets

The hot 100 list is the top rated, currently active porn stars in the business updated every single month letting you know who you should be spanking your one-eyed wille to and in what order.

Jenna Haze once again sits atop the list, so what are you waiting for? Stroke to it… go on, it’s alright, she wants you to! Just listen!…

Jenna Haze wants you to cum for her brought to you by PornHub

Check out the full list HERE.

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Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy

Hello, lads! It is I, the Sexual Troll! Heheheheheeeee!! I have been away from the laptop on a journey to the homeland of Troll World. But fear not, you naughty, horny imps — I shall return with more clips of youngins that will drain your drips!

‘Til then, take some time to watch all of my favorite film of ALL TIME. Seriously — forget AVATAR, this is the real movie that changed films as we know it!

Enjoy, and happy whoreydays, from your Troll!!!!!! Heheeee!!!

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Vampire Strip Club

Let’s take a peek inside, shall we?…

Check out the rest after the jump!…

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This Girl Is Fun

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The Annoying-Voiced Exotic With The Hot Bod

“I like what I do,” says this web stripper to a fella named Hank. What she does is basically take six good minutes to tease us with those big great tits of hers and then lots of gay lip licking until she gives up some ass fourteen minutes in. Alright, now we’re getting somewhere. Show me that fucking ass you webcunt. Show it. NO! Goddamn I don’t care that you made the cover for the next issue of Cherri magazine I wanna SEE your Cherri right now, damn you!

AHHH, there we go, baby, it took almost 16 minutes but now we’re into something good…

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“My Name IMM”

Meet “Imm.” She’s 18. And she doesn’t speak English. If only every girl in the world could say the same things.

Wait until you get up to the 3:48 mark on this one. You’ll wanna squeeze your grip and simulate that feeling of fitting in to such tightness. That’s gonna feel good for sure!

Now, don’t worry that you only have abut a minute to rub one out at this point – just pretend you’re Harry Potter and she’s Cho Chang and you’ll be off!

Me? I spill it straight away as soon as I catch a glimpse of that tight little wedgie riding up into her split. Lumos!

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Watch The Troll. Save Money.

Girls with accents usually seem smart. Not the case with this nubile creature. Here’s a three and a half minute montage of her scenes which can be seen in greater length at But that costs money. And honestly, you can rub one out by the 2:13 mark when she’s force-fed some cock. See? The Troll just saved you a $19.95 subscription fee! Now go spend it on some new underwear, you dirty pig!

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Chastity Makes My Pee Pee Grow

Heheheeee!  The Troll here.  Now, there are all types of human ladies that come in all shapes and sizes!  And perhaps my favorite size is small.  Smaller the better I always say!  Young and Small equals shorter girls for the Troll to have his way with!  And I have found none more teeny and tiny than sweet little Chastity.  First making the rounds a year or so ago, this young little nymph never fails to drain my drip!

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Very Young Girl, Very Dumb Move

I like girls, especially young stupid ones. You know, ones that don’t know any better and flash their tits to whomever’s looking, or in this case, filming. So naturally I like this very young, very stupid girl who decides to show off her boobs for all the world to see. You should be proud, young lady. Very proud. Now hurry, you’re late for class.