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Here’s what I believe to be one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) dialogue in any porn ever, shared between early 90s icons Selena Steele and Joey Silvera…

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Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy

Hello, lads! It is I, the Sexual Troll! Heheheheheeeee!! I have been away from the laptop on a journey to the homeland of Troll World. But fear not, you naughty, horny imps — I shall return with more clips of youngins that will drain your drips!

‘Til then, take some time to watch all of my favorite film of ALL TIME. Seriously — forget AVATAR, this is the real movie that changed films as we know it!

Enjoy, and happy whoreydays, from your Troll!!!!!! Heheeee!!!

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Sex With Robots By 2012!

In honor of today’s new blockbuster in theaters, I point you in the direction of an MSNBC article on the impending likelihood of legalized marital relations with robots. They have word from a leading researcher at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, Dr. Levy, who seems to think you human folk will be sticking your things inside other robotic things by 2012, with marriage following by 2050.

Read the full article HERE.

And watch the future here…

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Doc Brown’s Porn

October 25, 1955… the day Doc Brown invented time travel. And to celebrate, here we have some classic 1950’s Porn Pics to enjoy. From Doc Brown’s private collection!


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Porn Flashback: Zara Whites

I’m not sure what’s better in this clip. 90’s nymph Zara Whites or the dude’s gold robe!

Holy shit did Zara Whites have a hot body or did Zara Whites have a hot body?! Zara dropped out of school at an early age and moved in with her boyfriend when she was 17. In her late teens she worked as a barmaid and, after that, as a prostitute in a men’s club. After her relationship with an Italian count broke up, she went to Paris and started working as a call girl. While doing a photo shoot for Penthouse, Rocco Siffredi advised Zara to try her luck in the adult film industry. A few months later, she made her acting debut in “The Challenge”. Soon Zara became a major porn star in the States. One of her most memorable roles was her cameo in Curse of the Cat Woman. After a brief but successful career in porn, Zara decided to retire. She returned to Paris in the early nineties.

Source = IMDB

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Dickula Sinks his Vampire Cock into Seka

Vampires get a bum rap. They’re just like you or I, but instead of turning to the internet to feed their addiction, they sink their fangs into people. Or in John Holmes case, someone sank their fangs into his massive cock. Thankfully, Seka shows up as a naughty nurse to let all hell break loose. I thought vampires had to be invited in? Seems like you can just shove your way inside if you need to. The moans and screams of people in the background while she’s getting pounded is a little off, but damn, it’s a wild ride.

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The Troll Does Cameron Up His Avatar

James Cameron’s long-awaited AVATAR finally is upon us, and tomorrow the master will show the first glimpse into the world he’s been working on since Titanic back in 1997.

But I, The Sexual Troll, snuck into Cameron’s hotel room in San Diego late last night and was able to grab a few stills from his briefcase, as well as a case filled with his dirty briefs! Heheee! Take a look into the world of AVATAR…

AlienPorn01 AlienPorn02-troll

And because you asked for it, here’s another exclusive clip of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. This will be shown in 3D tomorrow in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center – but you can watch it before anyone here now, on the TROLL!

More Images after the jump…

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The Troll Brings Comic-Con To You!


The festivities kick off in just a few hours at the San Diego Convention Center, and one of the biggest and most highly anticipated events at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is the Disney 3D panel which will feature the first looks at Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland and the long-awaited sequel to TRON. The panel takes place Thursday at 11am, but guess what? Being a magical troll I was able to come across this footage and sneak a peak for myself before anyone else! Heheheee!

What’s that? You want to see? Well why didn’t you say so!

Here’s the very first look at a scene from the new TRON film!……and here’s a bit of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland!…

Who needs to spend money on an expensive trip to San Diego when the troll has everything you need right here! Heeheheheeeeee.


Check out more images after the jump!…

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Ancient Porn: Great Grandpa vs. Great Grandma

Okay, I realize this won’t titilate you, which is why I’m sandwiching this between much better stuff, but to appreciate porn, you really need to understand its roots. And by roots, I don’t mean the first interracial scene. So take a trip back to Vaudeville, and enjoy some good old fashioned fucking, complete with black & white film stock and classical music. Don’t worry, cave drawings won’t be next.