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Ancient Porn: Great Grandpa vs. Great Grandma

Okay, I realize this won’t titilate you, which is why I’m sandwiching this between much better stuff, but to appreciate porn, you really need to understand its roots. And by roots, I don’t mean the first interracial scene. So take a trip back to Vaudeville, and enjoy some good old fashioned fucking, complete with black & white film stock and classical music. Don’t worry, cave drawings won’t be next.

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Megan Madsen Is 95 lbs. Of My Favorite Meat!

Ahhhh woe is me. Me, with such a fine lust for human lady-flesh, yet just a tiny troll with no chance of ever feeling the tingles that one can only get from a female’s touch. No matter. As long as I have clips with little pieces of meat like Megan Madsen to watch I suppose I’ll manage.

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You Can Fuck Her

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about fucking. Specifically, fucking young human girls with the key word being young. Not so young where it’s an illegal situation. Just a nice young 18 or 19 year old vixen who’s prime to be stuffed with your throbbing member.

Sometimes, we just need it. We need to feel the tightness of their cunt walls squeeze our cocks, and in the process, drain them of their vital essence. The deeper we penetrate, the stronger the life force that we rob them of will be.


However, you know as well as I that harvesting on a teenage piece of poundcake is not always possible without ending your day in the slammer. I’ve learned that lesson one too many times. Which is why this troll is grateful for establishments such as the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. In the Troll World, we have no such place. If you want a young lass you are forced to rape. But not you humans. You humans are where it’s at. Why more states do not have such places is beyond me. I believe your world would be a lot friendlier of a place. Regardless, as long as I have the opportunity to visit such young beauties as “Charmed Love” (top pics) or “Kacey Jordan” (bottom) I’ll remain one happy troll who will stay outta trouble!

Now then, before I go, I just have to figure out who I should rob to get the proper shillings! Hehheheheeeeheheeeeeeee.

Visit the Bunny Ranch website to check out more pics and other girls on the menu.


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Schoolgirl Kelsey Michaels Gets Into A Cockload of Trouble!

In TrollWorld, 18-year-olds are slimy and green and bloated.  Seems different in your human world – and that is why I love it so.  Take Kelsey here, for example.  What events lead a bright eyed young lass to such a depraved state at such a young age?  Who cares, really?  If she is willing to let this happen to her then I, the Sexual Troll, am willing to watch this clip while I tug on my knob!

One thing I do not understand is why this is 50 minutes. I am able to spill it in 50 seconds just looking into her dumb, dead eyes. Enjoy!!

Get to know Kelsey even better after the jump!…

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The Troll’s Bukkake Fireworks Spectacular!

In keeping with today’s Porn on the Fourth of July theme, let’s look at Ms. Pretty Little Necklace, here. She’s a lovely little Asian who, apparently, is not all that opposed to a few of her male friends unloading their DNA all over that pretty little face of hers. Ahhh, the Asians. Perhaps one day I shall travel to their wonderful land and be able to squirt some of my own goop on to their faces! Enjoy…

Now, take a break, clean yourself up and revive…because there is BONUS BUKKAKE after the jump!

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Pigtails Look Better When Spooged On

By now, you have come to realize I have a slightly perverse way about me. And with that being the case, I feel it is okay to admit to you that one of my favorite things to secretly observe is not only humans having sexual intercourse with one another – but when it ends in the dousing of the ladies face in her partner’s seed. Ooooh heheheh – What could be better!

I’ll tell you what!… When she has more than one partner! Just you wait ’til you watch this lovable blonde pigtailed vixen become submerged in the white stuff…

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Happy Independence Lay

Now here’s a girl with some spirit for her CUNTry! Sunny Lane claims she’s here to put some sunshine all over our bodies. I don’t care so much about sunshine, I just want her boobies in me mouth!!

I call this one a WHOREth of July!

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Chastity Makes My Pee Pee Grow

Heheheeee!  The Troll here.  Now, there are all types of human ladies that come in all shapes and sizes!  And perhaps my favorite size is small.  Smaller the better I always say!  Young and Small equals shorter girls for the Troll to have his way with!  And I have found none more teeny and tiny than sweet little Chastity.  First making the rounds a year or so ago, this young little nymph never fails to drain my drip!

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The De-Evolution of Pornstar Ginger Lynn

Looking back at porn before the days of suffocation or five dicks in one asshole, there was a little girl named Ginger Lynn. She was wicked hot with a tight body and a fire in her eyes that would absolutely ignite your pants. This is a half-assed video timeline of Ginger, from her debut as a fuckslut to her latest as a … well, we’ll let you find out inside!

Ginger Lynn: The Early Days… with everybody’s favorite Tom Byron

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Who Is The Troll?

As I am new to the mystical realm of the internet, many out there are wondering just who I am.  I, for lack of better explanation, am the SEXUAL TROLL!  By physical appearance I look much the same as my fellow troll cohorts.  I come from a secret land filled with many gnomes and trolls.  But I was a wee bit different.  You see, when they would all be playing their troll and gnomey games, I liked to sneak off alone.  To the outskirts of my magic land.  And I’d enjoy a good hiding behind a tree or well placed rock.  And then…look for human ladies.  Naked human ladies.  And watch them.  Watch them through the treeholes.  And play with myself all day long.

That was my life day in and day out for the last thirteen years.  Until now.  You see, a young lad hiking through the forest seems to have left his MacBook behind.  And let me tell you – his loss is my (and your) gain!!  For now I am able to sign on to this magical internet and share with you all the visual treaties that get me off!

Alas, the lad returned – and at first we battled mighty over who would keep the magical white polycarbonite portal into all me fantasies.  Then, we both relaxed and enjoyed a few clips of teenies flashing their bits – and an alliance was formed!  Right there in the woods!  “The Sexual Troll” and “The Scumbag” formed a perverted truce right there in that very spot that shall forever be documented on this here website that you be readin’!

So sit back, horny humans, and let’s troll!

Let us begin with one of my favorite scenarios…the high school school bus.  Ahh many days there were I would hide behind the rock in front of the nearest school and watch these type of goings ons.  Heeheheheeeehheee!  I don’t even need to see these girls get naked before I squirt my troll juice all over the rock!!

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Very Young Girl, Very Dumb Move

I like girls, especially young stupid ones. You know, ones that don’t know any better and flash their tits to whomever’s looking, or in this case, filming. So naturally I like this very young, very stupid girl who decides to show off her boobs for all the world to see. You should be proud, young lady. Very proud. Now hurry, you’re late for class.

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Not the Cosby’s XXX

Hello, friends!  Have a look at this here trailer!  Heheheheheeeeeee!

“With her cute girlfriends addicted to sex, Denise feels pressured to lose her virginity & with college on the horizon, hilarious situations in the household give way to an explosion of non-stop pussy eating, cock-sucking & hardcore fucking as Cliff & Claire attempt to maintain control of Theo, Sandra, Denise, Rudy and Cockroach in this hilarious spoof of the 1980s classic TV show.”

Sounds like a winner!  I’ll be sure to grab a copy of this one and share some of my Troll Reactions!  Until then, continue on readin’ to catch of glimpse of some of the hot pieces of tail you can expect to see get stuffed in this fantastic new DVD event!

Oh, and visit the official site at!



I am always watching...I am THE TROLL.  The Sexual Troll.  And I am here to do what I love best – drop me seed!  All over me belly! Heheheheeee!

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