2011 AVN Award Winners

Last night was Porn’s biggest night and this year’s Adult Video News Awards gave out some well deserved trophies (to Body Heat for a its climactic group scene) and some, well, not so much (Digital Playground’s Body Heat and Fly Girls easily should have taken Best Feature).

Click HERE for the complete list of winners at Look for a recap of the awards and the Adult Entertainment Expo on G4 in February.

As for me, well, this Troll is just glad the 2011’s are in the past and we can look forward to next year’s ceremony without having to cringe at Riley Steele as ou host. Is it just me or did that one hit the wall faster than ever. Typically the shelf life of a starlett is 5-10 years. I mean look at any picture of the girl. What is all that mass on the front of her. It’s not just a belly, it’s as though she put on some sort of Proton Pack only the wrong way. What is all that mass under her dress? Why doesn’t anyone tell her to not have that there? Do they not care? There are so many lovely girls in the business that would be more pleasing to our eyes and yet we are made to endure this hag? No looks, no body and no personality and yet she’s hosting the biggest night in porn. This is why I am glad I am but a tiny wee troll who can retreat to the forest and forget such things. For they are not my troubles. These are the problems best left to you human men to sort out. Here’s to January 2012 I say! heheheheheeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeee!!!

Check out a bunch of pics from the Expo HERE.