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The Troll’s Big Mail Sack: AirPlay

One of my readers, “MacSack” writes in to, fittingly, my Big Mail Sack. He asks:

“Dear Troll, I check out your site every other day on my iPhone. I love it. I just wish I could watch more of my porn collection (like my new copy of Top Guns) from my iMac on it as well. I wish there was a cool way I could do that. Life sucks sometimes — oh, but not in the good kind of sucking way (like the hot girls on your site when they give good blow jobs).”

Well, MacSack, thanks for making that clear! And you will certainly be ecstatic to know about what the good folks at Digital Playground have in store for you! I will let them answer your concerns with a recent press release they put out…

VAN NUYS — A consistent front-runner in technology and content delivery, Digital Playground is proud to announce that it is now the first Adult Entertainment company to fully support AppleTV’s AirPlay Enhancement in iOS4.3. AirPlay is wireless technology that allows users to stream content from their iPhone, iPod or iPad to their AppleTV and onto their TV screens.

“We want to create the best content, and have it available in every way possible,” says Joone, Digital Playground’s Founder. “We’re excited that we can offer so many choices that allow our consumers to view their adult entertainment any way they want.”