Meet Roxy Heart


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Troll Fan Pinitch sends us this French Canadian delight…

Roxy Heart-Not.Just.Another.8teen brought to you by PornHub

Amateur Sex, Not-So-Amateur Music!


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The Troll endorses this amateur clip! Yeah, sure, the girl is young and tight enough, fine fine, but that’s not why. As longtime Troll site visitor “Looney” pointed out – this clip has a great music score! Check it out as you do what you do to yourself when you’re alone!

The Troll’s Big Male Sack: Casting Couch Porn-Real or Fake?


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Dear Troll, my name is Dave and I love amateur porn – not a day goes by when I don’t release to hot young girls being seduced by older men into having sex. I can’t believe how these guys find these girls and make a living doing this! I am so jealous. But, is it really real? I mean, are these girls really this easy? Or is it all an act? Thanks for your help in clearing this up for all of us, Mr. Troll!

Well, Dave, my answer to you is – who cares!? I’d spend less time worrying if it’s real or not and more time just wanking it! Let’s be grateful these girls are getting naked for us no matter what the behind the scenes story is. However, as you trusty Troll, I feel somewhat obligated to answer your query – which is why I will point you in the direction of one miss Elizabeth Hawkenson…

FilmDrunk linked to an Asylum story about 18-year-old Arizona State freshman geology major Elizabeth Hawkenson, who had reportedly had her scholarship revoked after appearing in a “casting couch” porno in which she holds up her actual ASU ID. The basis of the story was a letter supposedly sent to the ASU regents by an “anonymous alumnus” who was outraged with Hawkenson’s “degrading sexual activities” and demanded her $33,000 scholarship be revoked. Today, the Phoenix New Times reports that the Board of Regents says they never received such a letter, Hawkenson is still enrolled and lives in a dorm, and her scholarship has not been revoked.

“The whole thing is scripted,” Hawkenson tells New Times. “I knew going in there it was for sex.”

The format of the casting couch video is that the man with the best job on the planet brings tight young girls into his office who supposedly think they’re there auditioning for a modeling job, at which point the director eventually talks her into having sex on camera. Ahh, why am I wasting both our valuable time typing about it when we can just sit back a watch!…

Anal,Facial – Boyfriend Approves? brought to you by PornHub

Merry Christmas, From The Troll


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Amateur Cumshots!


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Let’s see if the girls out there know what they’re doing with a cock…

What Ever Happened To The Automatic Pilot From “Airplane” ?


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Seems that “Otto” has been doing just fine…

Thanks to The Alabaster for this edition of “Peeps From The Peeps” !

Blonde Who Is Hot Has Sex That Is Hot


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I like a nice blonde who knows how to shut up and just get fucked. No talking! Just fucking!

Skinny Blonde Rides Her Boyfriend


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No fake . No music. No production value. Just hot real sex that I spied last night from the corner of their room!…

Hannah Hilton Cleans Up


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Look at this one!….She makes a dirty troll like me wanna hop in the shower!


Four-Eyed Hotness


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As you know, I love spying on human girls while they’re alone. Here’s a girl I just watched yesterday. This hot young bi-speckled bitch sticks her deep until she feels the flow!

Hairless Apes Team Up On One Girl


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The more I watch you humans fornicate, the more I learn how different you all are. Take these lads for example. Not one strand of hair all over their bodies. Very odd. And even more odd is that these fellas all don’t mind hanging out naked around each other. Where I come from, deep in the forest, this is known as being “a bit faggish.” The again, I suppose if I had the chance to jump in to this fuck fest, I suppose I’d willingly fag it up myself.

Let’s all press play and pretend this young girl wants us to join in on the hairless fun!

A Real Monster


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Hello, humans. As you know, monsters are very scary. But are they real or just imaginary? It is hard to know for sure. But I think this video proves that some monsters are indeed very, very real…like the one that finds its way inside this tight latina’s innocent hole!


Happy Cocktober!


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In celebration of the official start of the season of Halloweenie, I present Vampire cocksucking!

Tight Teen Masturbation!


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Hi, gang. In this clip, a young blonde girl takes it upon herself to climax via and hand. This makes me happy.