Animated Condoms Fuck Sleeping Blonde


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Technology has allowed animated condoms fuck sleeping blondes. Forget about 3D or HD, CG is the future of pornography…and my only regret is that I can’t understand what these creepy little fuckers are saying before they slide between this hotties tits or into her pussy or ass. And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, it gets even weirder. Watch below.

Weird enough for you?

Ernest Borgnine: One Of Us!


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I remember when I was a wee little Troll and I used sneak into human areas. One time I snuck into a movie called THE BLACK HOLE. A human actor named Ernest Borgnine was in it and I thought he was pretty cool. And now, finally, 31 years later I know why!…

I wonder if Borgnine gets off Black Holes like this one! Heheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Weee hooo!!!!!!

Black Girl Fucked By 3 Guys brought you by PornHub

The Troll’s Big Male Sack: Casting Couch Porn-Real or Fake?


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Dear Troll, my name is Dave and I love amateur porn – not a day goes by when I don’t release hot young girls being seduced by older men into having sex. I can’t believe how these guys find these girls and make a living doing this! I am so jealous. But, is it really real? I mean, are these girls really this easy? Or is it all an act? Thanks for your help in clearing this up for all of us, Mr. Troll!

Well, Dave, my answer you is – who cares!? I’d spend less time worrying if it’s real or not and more time just wanking it! Let’s be grateful these girls are getting naked for us no matter what the behind the scenes story is. However, as you trusty Troll, I feel somewhat obligated answer your query – which is why I will point you in the direction of one miss Elizabeth Hawkenson…

FilmDrunk linked an Asylum story about 18-year-old Arizona State freshman geology major Elizabeth Hawkenson, who had reportedly had her scholarship revoked after appearing in a “casting couch” porno in which she holds up her actual ASU ID. The basis of the story was a letter supposedly sent the ASU regents by an “anonymous alumnus” who was outraged with Hawkenson’s “degrading sexual activities” and demanded her $33,000 scholarship be revoked. Today, the Phoenix New Times reports that the Board of Regents says they never received such a letter, Hawkenson is still enrolled and lives in a dorm, and her scholarship has not been revoked.

“The whole thing is scripted,” Hawkenson tells New Times. “I knew going in there it was for sex.”

The format of the casting couch video is that the man with the best job on the planet brings tight young girls into his office who supposedly think they’re there auditioning for a modeling job, at which point the director eventually talks her into having sex on camera. Ahh, why am I wasting both our valuable time typing about it when we can just sit back a watch!…

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One Of My All Time Faves!


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Heheheheeee! There are many days when I am depressed. Yes, trolls get depressed, too! But don’t feel bad. Because whenever I am sad all I need do is play this clip, and walah! I emerge on the other side of its 17 minutes happy as can be! Heehehehehehehe! I suggest for you the same. Do not watch this right now. Wait until you are feeling blue. Then put on this blue movie and you’re sure feel better than ever after you squeeze your cock pretending you are this lucky, lucky man…

Go on, just like he says, “Grip it like your grabbin’ hold of some reins…”

Umm, Kat, Err… I’m Not So Sure ‘Bout This


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Crazy Kat here doesn’t seemed too concerned about the hygienic aspects of what she’s about let these two men do her. Which is exactly why I love her! Heheheheheheheh!!!!!!

Nevermind Tony Stark — Let’s Kick Off The Summer With SEX TREK!


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Mars Needs Women: Aliens Fuck Mankind!


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Stumbled upon this disturbing video of a real-life extra-terrestrial invading this poor young woman’s vagina. Oh the humanity where outer space beings can ravage our bodies. And talk about an anal probe!! Can’t believe Brandi Lyons survived this. Can you?

Jenny Hendrix Knows How To Kick Cunt!


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I recently have become aware of Jenny Hendrix, who is about four years into the business at this point, with her latest release being the amazing “Not The Cosby’s 2.”

Here we have a younger (and slightly less tight) Jenny getting into a cat fight with a fellow student who she deservedly kicks in the cunt! But not fear, Mr. Weinstein soon enters, brings order, and then, well… enters.

Cat fight turns into a fuck fest brought you by PornHub

Love My Tender Pussy


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Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll… and of vagina! Watch as he fucks her tender…

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Young? Check. Tight? Check. First time? Check. Up for anything? Check.


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I mean just watch. Watch what she does. Watch what she’ll do. After you spray it out onto yourself, keep on watching. Just watch how willing she is do whatever this older man asks of her. This is what makes me happy.

Fresh Meat Fresh Out Of High School brought you by PornHub

Jeanie Marie Sullivan – I Love You!


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I don’t know what make of this little tart. But I think I love her. She’s cute, young, naughty and nasty. In this particular video, Jeanie laments not having anal sex in a while, which is quickly rectumified… err… rectified. I’d say the “poor” girl gets abused, but she seems love it so with that, we love her back. And by that I don’t just mean her backside.

If you want see more Jeanie, including a video clip that will make you rock hard in approx. 10 seconds, click continue inside. Otherwise, enjoy the show:

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Missy Stone & The Ped


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This has got be my new favorite video of all time. Not just on this site. Not just on the internet. Of all time.

Jodie Moore Doesn’t Think Fucking A Clown Is Funny


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Hot Blonde. Good Music. Clown.

Lana Croft Puts So Many Things In Jandi Lin’s Ass


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Lana Croft, soon be seen in “Warren the Ape” on MTV can be seen here mutilating the bunghole of tiny Jandi Lin. Who knew so many things could fit inside you humans!

What Ever Happened To The Automatic Pilot From “Airplane” ?


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Seems that “Otto” has been doing just fine…

Thanks The Alabaster for this edition of “Peeps From The Peeps” !