Track Down Rapers For Halloween With Antoine Dodson Costume!

Welllllll, obviously… we have a rapist in Lincoln Park…

And now YOU can find the elusive raper with your very own Antoine Dodson Halloween Costume!!

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The Troll On Rape

I am a sexually healthy troll who, yes, admittedly may be a wee bit of a perv, but while I enjoy stroking my given meat to depraved situations, I would never ever wish real actual rape on any of you human females.


That said. The following news report from Alabama proves that sometimes, just some times…

Rape, or attempted rape, can be… wonderful.

Antoine Dodson, take it away!…

Kelly, I am very happy you are okay, but please do leave that window ajar so homeboy’ll visit you again, giving your beloved brother more time in front of those cameras!

You heard Antoine– you’ll need ta hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husbands ’cause they’re rapin’ everyone out here!!!

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