RIP, Steve Jobs


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Without you, we would never have a universe of free, streaming unlimited pornography in our pockets at the ready whenever we need release. Thank you for Apple. Thank you for making the world better while most everything else has it going to shit.

For A Free Apple Sample… brought to you by PornHub

The Troll’s Big Mail Sack: AirPlay


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One of my readers, “MacSack” writes in to, fittingly, my Big Mail Sack. He asks:

“Dear Troll, I check out your site every other day on my iPhone. I love it. I just wish I could watch more of my porn collection (like my new copy of Top Guns) from my iMac on it as well. I wish there was a cool way I could do that. Life sucks sometimes — oh, but not in the good kind of sucking way (like the hot girls on your site when they give good blow jobs).”

Well, MacSack, thanks for making that clear! And you will certainly be ecstatic to know about what the good folks at Digital Playground have in store for you! I will let them answer your concerns with a recent press release they put out…

VAN NUYS — A consistent front-runner in technology and content delivery, Digital Playground is proud to announce that it is now the first Adult Entertainment company to fully support AppleTV’s AirPlay Enhancement in iOS4.3. AirPlay is wireless technology that allows users to stream content from their iPhone, iPod or iPad to their AppleTV and onto their TV screens.

“We want to create the best content, and have it available in every way possible,” says , Digital Playground’s Founder. “We’re excited that we can offer so many choices that allow our consumers to view their adult entertainment any way they want.”

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STOYA has been one of this Troll’s faves ever since she burst onto the scene two years ago. I’ve been enjoying her antics in the mega-awesome Digital Playground productions he has appeared in ever since. But Stoya is actually even more awesome than she appears. Just take a look at this clip, where she outs herself as an Apple fangirl…

I don’t know about you, but and the folks up in Cupertino should take note of what Fleshlight is doing and take it to the next level. Until then, there’s always the Fleshlight “Alien.”

For more Stoya, check out!

Thousands Are Excited That Porn Finally Arrives on iPhone 4′s FaceTime


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History was made during the early evening of August 13, 2010 as the first paid Apple iPhone FaceTime adult video call ever took place. The happy client from the United States ordered a ten minute show with Brees Kelly but was satiated enough to hang up after just over five minutes. Since that initial historic session, is quickly closing in on its 1000th paid FaceTime adult show.

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Pirates Coming To An iPad Near You!


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While this is fantastic news, what I wanna know is… WHERE IS PIRATES 3 ??!!

Digital Playground, the best adult production company out there, has jumped on Apple’s iPad frenzy announcing that all of its High Definition content is compatible with the new product.

The company has been a member of the Apple Developer program for the last decade and specifically an iPhone developer since its inception. All Digital Playground properties automatically sense whether or not the user is using an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad and customize the experience on the fly. “Digital Playground users who purchase an iPad will note the seamless integration between the desktop, laptop, iPhone and iPad,” the company said.

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A Nice, Yummy Creampie Compilation


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I’ve been having a problem with a part of my Troll body lately. No, not down there! No no no. You see, when I first started using Apple earbuds in me ears, everything was fine and dandy. These days, it seems the earbuds pop out every chance they get. But the earbuds are the very same size – so I got to thinking…my ears have stretched out! I have gaping ear holes. And as a result, the slightest movement causes my little headphones to fall right out.

The reason I tell you this story is because this batch of lovely young ladies have exactly the same problem, only with their assholes and vaginas.