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My Favorite Sounds In The Universe

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Meet Rosemary

Rosemary Radeva is a new cute little Asian who recently started taking clothes off and cocks in. Watch!…

For more, watch little Rosemary make friends with Tanner Mayes right HERE.

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Some Real McLovin!

Troll Devotee “Looney” sent us a link to this:

I know many of you out there will whip out and rub to this, and that’s fine. But honestly, this just made me hungry. The girl is cute and all, yes, no argument there, but this fella took the time to fuck a McDonalds worker and never once does he shout “I’m Lovin’ It!” during his performance. To top it off, we don’t even get to see her get his special sauce. I’m goin’ to Burger King. The King, now there’s a guy who knows how to have a good time!…

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Christmas Creampie!

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The Asian Schoolgirl and the Man

The only thing better than watching young white students start school is watching Asians start school. But wait, here’s one not in class… what is wrong, Akia? Awww, the other kids are making fun of you because of your outfit? Well you pay no mind to those bad kids, Akia. Listen to the man. He’s a nice man.

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Mega-Hot Evelyn Lin POV Fuck

Do her!

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Let’s Jam Hard Into Tight Asian Evelyn Lin!

I’ve recently been pointed in the direction of Evelyn Lin by longtime TrollFan Bake Snaker. Snaker sometimes has a penchant for girls too dirty for this troll to admire, but little Evelyn here has the right kinda combination of smut to make my Troll seed leak.

I especially love when this greasy white human man exclaims, “Fuckhole!” not once but twice at the 7:26 mark.

If you can last ’til the 22:54 mark, you’ll be treated to one of my favorite quotes in a long while…

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Asian Girl: Taped Up And Done

Have I mentioned I really like the way Asian Girls squeak as the get plugged?

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“Don’t Fuck Up By Having An Orgasm”

Watch all fourteen minutes of this and you’re guaranteed to rape the next Asian girl you see on the street whether you want to or not.

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Peeps From The Peeps: Asian Anal Madness

So what if this has an ass hole wider than my mouth? If this clip works for our loyal and longtime viewer “Bake” then it works for us! But be warned…this is all very unhygienic.

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Tons Of Asian Schoolgirls Fucking Their Teachers!

School sure does seem a lot more fun in the orient!…

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Cum Aboard The Love Train!

I don’t know where the Love Train is exactly but book me on the next flight over there!!

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Crazy Japanese Sex TV Show!

Seriously. I need to move to Japan.

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Brunette Public Spoof / Funny Videos

SEE A Live Crazy Girl Bath In The Public Fountain!

As a Troll, I have done this many times, so I am not sure what the big deal is.

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The Troll’s Peeps From The Peeps: Panty Bandit!

…or “Pandit.”

Watch him take the panties!