Avatar Sex! Fuck A Na’vi While Watching Na’vi’s Fuck!

What’s that? A big budget blu-ray 3D porn parody of AVATAR is not enough? Oh, ok then… well, how about a big budget blu-ray 3D porn parody of AVATAR which also includes a special blue “alien” Fleshlight that you can use while you watch? Better? Yes. I thought so.

For years, increasing accounts of an Unidentified Fucking Object have been reported by mystified Fleshlight fans with little or no substantiating evidence. The denial of the existence of this object has driven the scandal to levels of near hysteria. Finally, after publicly rebuffing the existence of exxxtra-terrestrial fuckery, the once top-secret “Alien” is now being made available to the public from Fleshlight, the maker of the #1 selling sex toy for men.

Introducing The Alien by Fleshlight and This Ain’t Avatar XXX in 3D — The ultimate alien fantasy has landed. The new Fleshlight Alien is an unworldly experience that will abduct your penis and send it spiraling through in a real milky way! Use the Alien Fleshlight while watching Hustler’s new 3D epic, “This Ain’t Avatar XXX” for the ultimate in E.T. ecstasy.

As amazing as this is, I am a bit upset. For some reason, this money-saving set is only available with the regular DVD. If you’re seeking the blu-ray version of the film, you’ll have to purchase both separate.

Grab it HERE and make Tsaheylu! (“the bond”). Watch the trailer below!


This Ain’t AVATAR!!!

Hehehehe!!!! As a small Troll of the forest, I am used to seeing creatures of all types fucking. Yet I, just like you, longed to see more of the hot blueball love of Jake and Neyteri last December. And when the “Extended” Edition came last month, the only thing that I was hoping would be extended was my TrollJohnson, but alas, this did not happen. But now, my little Avatards, NOW, FINALLY, we can all pop in a BLU-ray and become extended with Hustler’s THIS AIN’T AVATAR!!! Now if only this was playing in IMAX…. Hehehehooo!….

“The highly anticipated 3-D journey inside a brand new world with a deep, dark secret in the most ambitious project ever from Huster Video. A feature that is the first ever adult movie made specifically for 3-D televisions!”…

Order it HERE!


AVATAR XXX is coming…

The adult entertainment biz, long on the leading edge of cable and Web pay-per-view, is entering the world of 3-D video with Hustler’s release of “This Ain’t Avatar XXX,” the company’s biggest budget film to date.

The porno parody has just wrapped and is scheduled for September release. The video will be available as pay-per-view and as DVD/Blu-ray, viewable on 3-D television sets.

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Once Again, In Honor Of ‘Avatar Day’

An exclusive look into the world of AVATAR with scenes NOT SHOWN in the free IMAX event today!

AlienPorn01 AlienPorn02-troll

And…wait a minute…is that – is that Na’vi Boob that we saw a glimpse of?


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The Troll Does Cameron Up His Avatar

James Cameron’s long-awaited AVATAR finally is upon us, and tomorrow the master will show the first glimpse into the world he’s been working on since Titanic back in 1997.

But I, The Sexual Troll, snuck into Cameron’s hotel room in San Diego late last night and was able to grab a few stills from his briefcase, as well as a case filled with his dirty briefs! Heheee! Take a look into the world of AVATAR…

AlienPorn01 AlienPorn02-troll

And because you asked for it, here’s another exclusive clip of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. This will be shown in 3D tomorrow in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center – but you can watch it before anyone here now, on the TROLL!

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