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Denise Huxtable Fucks Well


I’d like to being this new month the same way I began the last, with a bit more of the Cosby’s!

While most of you enjoyed last week’s Cosby clip, many of you just want to drop a load. I realize this, my friends, and it is why I have taken the liberty of uploading another clip from “Not The Cosby’s XXX” – this time featuring young Denise Huxtable (Misty Stone) frolicking in her room with a friend who has come all the way from Brooklyn to see her while the rest of the family is out on the town.

But be careful, Denise! You know your dad has a way of popping up when you least expect him to!…



If you want the real thing, Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart after the jump!…

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Exclusive Clip From ‘Not The Cosby’s XXX’


On my first day on the internet earlier this month, I suddenly felt like I had the world at my fingertips. I could instantly browse any subject I wanted and learn all there was to know about a world I never knew when I was confined to my magical Troll Land deep within the woods.

And so, obviously, I searched for Cosby Show Porn. Lo and behold, it not only existed but was a fantastic film at that – blending hot sex with a great Bill Cosby! Ahh…but one thing would have made it better and that would have been an honest to goodness sexual encounter between Cliff and Clare Huxstable. Still, I cannot complain. At least we get the magical moment that cums in the middle of these two scenes of important exposition…



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Not the Cosby’s XXX

Hello, friends!  Have a look at this here trailer!  Heheheheheeeeeee!

“With her cute girlfriends addicted to sex, Denise feels pressured to lose her virginity & with college on the horizon, hilarious situations in the household give way to an explosion of non-stop pussy eating, cock-sucking & hardcore fucking as Cliff & Claire attempt to maintain control of Theo, Sandra, Denise, Rudy and Cockroach in this hilarious spoof of the 1980s classic TV show.”

Sounds like a winner!  I’ll be sure to grab a copy of this one and share some of my Troll Reactions!  Until then, continue on readin’ to catch of glimpse of some of the hot pieces of tail you can expect to see get stuffed in this fantastic new DVD event!

Oh, and visit the official site at!