“We Are Sex Bob-omb!!” Alison Pill Reveals Her Two Pills!


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In the epic “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” plays the title character’s disgruntled ex-girlfriend. I always had a thing for the “Smokin’ hot redhead” Sex Bob-omb drummer, and so today was a good day. Ms. Pill, who portrayed Kim Pine in the film, accidentally tweeted a pic out of her perfect tits!

“We are Sex Bob-omb and we are here to make you jerk off n’ stuff!”

Zoe Voss Reveals New Breasts Via Twitter


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AVN Starlet of the Year nominee Zoe Voss has revealed what appears to be an augmented set of boobers. “Surprise” was the tweet a half hour ago that linked to this page on her blog. Voss followed that up with “And when I say ‘surprise’, I’m not just pointing out the new color of my hair. Look closely.”

Although this Troll always prefers all-natural titties (and Zoe’s originals were among my faves in the biz on one of its most perfect bodies), I’m sure Ms. Voss is very pleased with the result and we are happy for her. BUT… with the AVN awards ceremony only days away, and the AEE Expo beginning tomorrow, can’t help but think this surprise could’ve been revealed to the world in grander fashion! Still, we’ll take what we can get!! Now if only we could each test those new bad boys out ourselves! Oh well, time to pop in our copy of PRON…

(See Zoe’s originals at the 37:00 mark)

Yeah, But, She’s Ugly


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Here’s a new international poster for David Fincher’s upcoming “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” set to hit theaters on December 21. Some film sites seem to be making a fuss over the fact that the girl from The Social Network is naked in the poster. Firstly, she’s not really naked. We’ve seen more nudity in Tiger Beat. Second, as i’ve already pointed out, she’s . Really beat. Gozer was hotter. Nothing to see here, move along.

Still, it’s always fun to look forward to a new Fincher film, and this one looks to put him back on his “Fight Club” A-game rather than his phoned-in “Social Network” crap, a film I rank lower than Fincher’s horrible “Panic Room.”

I guess Humans like bad movies. Trolls like awesome movies. This looks more awesome than bad, judging from the trailer…

NOW, how long before TGWTDTxxx??!!