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Selena Steele Is Back!

Selena Steele and I go way back. In fact, she was my first porno crush. Back in the early to mid-ninties, when bushes were being trimmed but were still prominent, Selena broke on to the scene in John Leslie’s Chameleon. So young, fiery and wild – Leslie shot her to stardom by giving her the lead in his giant sequel Curse of the Catwoman. From that moment on, I snuck out of my forest nook to grab every VHS tape on 42nd Street that bare her name.

She would often come and do shows at Show World Center on 42nd & 8th that would blow my troll mind! Ahh the good old days. Every once and a while I’ll be walking down 42nd these days and I’ll stop, look into one of the shops such as Wax Museum or Ripley’s and think to myself, “I came on that very floor fifteen years ago.”

Alas, Selena faded away once the Nineties were over, but has recently re-emerged in a new crop of “mature” videos. I must say, although her mammaries look like they’ve gotten yet another unnecessary blow up, she’s held it together quite well and continues to be the one woman fuck fest she was always known as. Just look at her take this bastards cock between her tits. She displays a commitment to a tit fuck that the girls of today can’t be bothered with…and it’s nice to see that the “Selena slurp” is still in effect after all these years!

Check out Curse of the Catwoman HERE!