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Ernest Borgnine: One Of Us!

I remember when I was a wee little Troll and I used to sneak into human areas. One time I snuck into a movie called THE BLACK HOLE. A human actor named Ernest Borgnine was in it and I thought he was pretty cool. And now, finally, 31 years later I know why!…

I wonder if Borgnine gets off to Black Holes like this one! Heheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Weee hooo!!!!!!

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Happy 23rd, Howard!

Even though I am a troll, I have many friends of other species. One of them is Howard the Duck. I became friends with him after the events of his film, when he began to fuck Beverly on a nightly basis. Of course, I was there watching – just like Jennings! Needless to say, one night I got caught, but was invited in! Thus began a friendship that has lasted for over two decades!

It all started 23 years ago today with this…

Now that you’re all worked up, here’s something for you to make All The Right Moves…

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Morgan Freeman Is My Kind Of Scum


One reader has brought it to my attention that Morgan Freeman is awesome. Sure, you may be saying, “Troll – Morgan is the man! He’s been awesome way before he drove that old hag and ever since he was on The Electric Company!”

Yes. But, he is now even more awesome, because Freeman is driving his 72 year-old dark knight into a 27 year-old Daisy! Wait, it gets better. She is his step-granddaughter! How awesome is that!!!??? And if you have a problem with this, before you pass judgment, may we give the benefit of the doubt that one of them is dyslexic?

I do not have any Morgan Semen video for you of these two sneaky love birds in the act, but I invite you to pretend it would go down something like this. Same exact thing, only with his lil’ freeman instead of his nose…

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