The Troll Says: “I’d Stick It In ‘Em ALL!”

PRESS RELEASE — If you’ve seen the movie The Social Network, you’ve heard about Mark Zuckerberg’s viral “Facemash” website. The 2003 site, which pitted Harvard girls against each other in a virtual battle of hotness, received 22,000 page views in four hours and caused Harvard’s servers to crash. Zuckerberg landed in trouble for stealing girls’ private photos, forcing the site’s closure. Now, Zuckerberg’s new tool – Facebook – has made it possible for “Facemash” to rise again.

The sharp, yet publicly anonymous, minds behind “Hottest Girl at My School” have fine-tuned the concept behind “Facemash”. Now, without using private photos or names, they have made it possible to finally settle one of the top dorm room debates – “Who are the hottest girls at this school?”

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Courtney Gets Her Grades Up By Getting Dicks Up

Courtney and her college recruiter discuss her chances of getting in to his school. She has great grades, and would be admitted in if it weren’t for those pictures he found of her online…

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This College Girl Is No Decepticon

OK, boys and girls…the lesson of today’s video is that girls need boys who can fuck them good. Better than good. They need it rammed in hot and hard. It seems this little college newbie had a boy who did not give her it hot nor hard and so, we begin with her on the phone lamenting about how she just needed more. Like an older guy. Enter Ralph. He’s just in the dorm for the weekend to see his brother down the hall. Lucky for him, this girl has vowed to fuck the first guy she sees.

As I was masturbating my knob, I began to think that this college premise was very similar to a scene in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And then I kept thinking of how horrible those goddamn Transformers movies are and, worst of all– as a result of these thoughts I couldn’t stay hard for this hot little piece of meat because I kept thinking at any moment her face was going to chip off and she’d reveal herself to be an ass-tailed Decepticon. So needless to say, My Troll cock transformed into a Tadpole. Oh well, there’s plenty more porn for me to troll through. Perhaps you’ll have better luck with this one than I.

More dorm sex after the jump, but watch out for Transformers!…