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Once Again, In Honor Of ‘Avatar Day’

An exclusive look into the world of AVATAR with scenes NOT SHOWN in the free IMAX event today!

AlienPorn01 AlienPorn02-troll

And…wait a minute…is that – is that Na’vi Boob that we saw a glimpse of?


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Sex Trek

In honor of today, the last day of Comic-Con, I present a few of the lost scenes from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. Mr. Abrams’ announced these will be included on the upcoming DVD – but you can see them here right now!

While I enjoy what J.J. was going for here, I must say this material was done much better in this recent release…

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Silk Spectre’s Tits

Here’s a clip with the stars of Superman Returns, Star Trek and Watchmen…

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Live From Comic-Con: Spidey Vs. Wonder Woman

If anyone out there still is under the impression that San Deigo Comic-Con is only for nerds who don’t have sex, think again! It’s for nerds who do have sex! And although the mask never comes off to reveal Spidey’s true identity, the same cannot be said for his pecker!

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Comic-Con Space Sex

I know, I know, you’re no doubt cursing the day I was born because you simply wish to cum and all you’re getting from the troll is comic-con related nonsense. I do apologize! And that said, I wish to show you one last clip!

This mysterious scene is making the rounds at the San Diego Comic-Con. Now, today is “Star Wars day” at the convention, due to the numerous Lucas-related panels and events going on. So, I can only speculate that this clip is a leaked scene from the long-awaited live action Star Wars TV series due next year! Decide for yourself…

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I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This

Crappy CGI guinea pigs open up today at your local movie theater. Even more crappy CGI aliens open next week. But don’t give those lowest-common-denominator shitty films your hard earned money. If you want Computer Generated Imagery, look no further than!

We have some really odd creatures in TrollWorld, but none so odd as the little roustabouts that populate this clip. I’ll say no more than that. I think it’s best you just watch for yourself…

After watching that, this CGI brother and sister hook up will seem like nothin’. Check it out after the jump…


I’d Show These Girls A REAL New Moon

Twilight Line - IMAGE from

The award for Official Best Job In The World at 3:54 PM Pacific Yesterday goes to a fella named David Chen. Who is Chen, you ask? He is with a website called Slash Film. Which is covering Comic-Con. Where, yesterday, THOUSANDS of young ladies were camped out in front of the San Diego Convention Center in hopes of claiming a seat for themselves at today’s TWILIGHT panel.

Now, why is this on a site devoted to getting our jollies off? Well, stick with me here, because here is where the fun begins. I would like you to visit THIS PAGE, and watch one of the two interviews conducted by Mr. Chen. Now you see what I’m getting at, eh, old chap? All those nice, small, well-built, compact little tents and blankets. The troll has found himself a new playground! Heheee!!

Is it just me, or do the first minute or two of these clips start out like every POV porn out there today? I wonder…do these lovely fangirls hook up while waiting on these lines? Or are the fanboys among them who are waiting for the Tron and Avatar panels too shy to approach them? Perhaps Mr. David Chen has them all to himself? Perhaps David Chen, you can be our hero and savior. Please, for the love of all of us here at home who can’t, please have your way with these girls. If you let them call you “Edward” or “Robert” you’re in like FLYNN. Then again, and speaking of… FLYNN’S ARCADE might take priority even for a horny creature like myself! Choices. So many tough choices.

One more thing…if Bella has sex with a werewolf, is it still considered bestiality?

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The Troll Does Cameron Up His Avatar

James Cameron’s long-awaited AVATAR finally is upon us, and tomorrow the master will show the first glimpse into the world he’s been working on since Titanic back in 1997.

But I, The Sexual Troll, snuck into Cameron’s hotel room in San Diego late last night and was able to grab a few stills from his briefcase, as well as a case filled with his dirty briefs! Heheee! Take a look into the world of AVATAR…

AlienPorn01 AlienPorn02-troll

And because you asked for it, here’s another exclusive clip of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. This will be shown in 3D tomorrow in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center – but you can watch it before anyone here now, on the TROLL!

More Images after the jump…

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The Troll Brings Comic-Con To You!


The festivities kick off in just a few hours at the San Diego Convention Center, and one of the biggest and most highly anticipated events at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is the Disney 3D panel which will feature the first looks at Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland and the long-awaited sequel to TRON. The panel takes place Thursday at 11am, but guess what? Being a magical troll I was able to come across this footage and sneak a peak for myself before anyone else! Heheheee!

What’s that? You want to see? Well why didn’t you say so!

Here’s the very first look at a scene from the new TRON film!……and here’s a bit of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland!…

Who needs to spend money on an expensive trip to San Diego when the troll has everything you need right here! Heeheheheeeeee.


Check out more images after the jump!…