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Computer Generated Porn is the Future

In the future, porn will have no need for starlets like Ginger Lynn and Jenna Jameson that look hot and eventually fade into some beastly mess of plastic surgery or open vaginaness. The future will be designed by nerds, chronic masturbating nerds, yes, but it will be glorious because they will perfectly render the face and body of Megan Fox, and within minutes, insert her into a rough, interracial gangbang, complete with bukkake party. Really anything goes in this future; anyone that can be facially or body scanned will essentially be The Next Big Porn Star, and any coupling can be imagined.

We’re not there yet, folks, as evidenced by this video of some CG anime chick giving it up. But we’re on the way! Make sure to keep an eye out for 7:30 and the first fully digital semen spill.