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Meet Zeina Heart

Oh, hello, Zeina. Nice outfit. Even nicer vagina.


The Troll! heheheheheeeeeee!!!!

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Jenny Hendrix Knows How To Kick Cunt!

I recently have become aware of Jenny Hendrix, who is about four years into the business at this point, with her latest release being the amazing “Not The Cosby’s 2.”

Here we have a younger (and slightly less tight) Jenny getting into a cat fight with a fellow student who she deservedly kicks in the cunt! But not to fear, Mr. Weinstein soon enters, brings order, and then, well… enters.

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The Troll’s Male Sack: Sharing

Davey writes, “Dear Troll. I enjoy your site bery much, but I do not have a computer to view it on and my older brother will not let me borrow his so I can release my stress via hand. What can I do to make him share?”

Well, Davey, it is important to show your brother how much FUN sharing can be. Take these two teen-aged girls, for example. They seem to know the meaning of sharing very well. Very well indeed. I suggest you show your selfish older brother this instructional video about sharing.

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“Alright – Stop…”

Sure, the creampie loaded into this Blondie 31:30 is wild, but what really gets this troll going is the hands around her neck that prove to be too much to handle at 17:31!

Regarding the aforementioned creampie, if I were this girl, I would dwell about this.

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Little White Girl Takes It Black

Skinny little stick Veronika Jett likes her takes her coffee like she takes her men…

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Pigtails Look Better When Spooged On

By now, you have come to realize I have a slightly perverse way about me. And with that being the case, I feel it is okay to admit to you that one of my favorite things to secretly observe is not only humans having sexual intercourse with one another – but when it ends in the dousing of the ladies face in her partner’s seed. Ooooh heheheh – What could be better!

I’ll tell you what!… When she has more than one partner! Just you wait ’til you watch this lovable blonde pigtailed vixen become submerged in the white stuff…