Droid Users Are Sluts

No, we’re not talking about Luke Skywalker or anything like that. We’re talking about the girl with that Android smartphone in her purse — now wait just a second before you make your snarky comments iPhone users… Droid users are most likely to have sex on the first date according to a survey reported by The Consumerist.

“Guys and girls with Android phones tend to get it on earlier in a relationship, while BlackBerry users are more reserved, according to a survey of users in Canada that seems to confirm some stereotypes about the various smartphones. Consumerist summed up the results, initially reported by the Toronto Star:

They found that 62% of Android users said they’ve had sex on the first date, whereas 57% of iPhone users said the same, and only 48% of those with a BlackBerry. Not only are Androiders more likely to go home with you on that first date, 55% said they’re likely to have one-night stands in general and be more active overall on dating website —72% of them have visited one, and only 58% of iPhoners and 50% of BlackBerryites have done the same. We are noticing a trend. But if you want someone to woo you in the cubicles at work, 25% of single iPhone people have had an office romance in the last five years. They’re also going to call you after only one day after a date, whereas Android and BlackBerry owners will hold out for two or three dates before checking in.”