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The Troll’s Big Male Sack: Escort Action

Loyal reader “Lonely Jimmy” writes:

Dear Troll,
Ever since Craigslist did away with their Erotic Services section, i have been so backed-up and i have been tugging myself more than ever. Thanks to your site, it’s a lot of fun, but… but sometimes, you need the female touch. What to do?”

Well Lonely Jimmy, I might have the answer for you…

According to Hollywood Skin Company, “ is an adults-only classified directory featuring the very best in various kinds of mature entertainment and services. Adult merchants and service providers can place free ads using the simple interface, reaching a vast audience. Users can browse relevant ads based on need and geography to find exactly what they are looking for… Though has only been online for three months, it has been rapidly growing and is already the hottest website of its kind. The new expansion will only speed the growth and make bigger and better than ever.”

So go on, happy trolling, just make sure you still come back and visit my site and give it a good tug once and a while for ol’ time’s sake! heheheheheeeeeeeeeeee!

-The Troll

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You Can Fuck Her

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about fucking. Specifically, fucking young human girls with the key word being young. Not so young where it’s an illegal situation. Just a nice young 18 or 19 year old vixen who’s prime to be stuffed with your throbbing member.

Sometimes, we just need it. We need to feel the tightness of their cunt walls squeeze our cocks, and in the process, drain them of their vital essence. The deeper we penetrate, the stronger the life force that we rob them of will be.


However, you know as well as I that harvesting on a teenage piece of poundcake is not always possible without ending your day in the slammer. I’ve learned that lesson one too many times. Which is why this troll is grateful for establishments such as the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. In the Troll World, we have no such place. If you want a young lass you are forced to rape. But not you humans. You humans are where it’s at. Why more states do not have such places is beyond me. I believe your world would be a lot friendlier of a place. Regardless, as long as I have the opportunity to visit such young beauties as “Charmed Love” (top pics) or “Kacey Jordan” (bottom) I’ll remain one happy troll who will stay outta trouble!

Now then, before I go, I just have to figure out who I should rob to get the proper shillings! Hehheheheeeeheheeeeeeee.

Visit the Bunny Ranch website to check out more pics and other girls on the menu.