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My Old Girlfriend “Bun Bun the Pink Bunny” !

Years ago, while just a teenage troll in the forests, I dated a bunny with a name that had many meanings. But, as is always the case, I grew tired of her and moved on to other vaginas. But look! Here she is! It’s nice to know she has found a home with a young pigtailed girl and her boyfriend…

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Blonde Who Is Hot Has Sex That Is Hot

I like a nice skinny blonde who knows how to shut up and just get fucked. No talking! Just fucking!

Amateur blonde Blowjob Videos Youngins

Some Girls’ Moans Are Boring

Here we have a young, tight hardbodied euroteen who is given cock via older, hairy beast. She may look awesome, but her repetitive moans were enough to make this troll keep trolling. Oh, who am I kidding? You’re getting to know me very well…I spilled some goop to this a mere three minutes in!


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The Troll’s Male Sack: Dweeb Sex

Dweeby McDweebsy writes in with: “Troll, I am a dweeb not only in name but in personality. How may I fuck hot girls instead of the fatso’s I fuck now from time to time?”

Well DD, I’m not sure. Perhaps you should move to the country where this guy is from. He seems to be a bit of a dweeb and yet he still secures a nice young tight fuck for himself. Check it out and sorry I cannot be of more help this time out of my big male sack.