The Fonz Would Love This Girl…


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… because she sits on it.

She looks like a little doll brought to you by PornHub


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“Filthy Little Pig/Dog”


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Here’s a cute little girl on her knees before a guy who likes to call her a filthy little pig, or dog. That’s not very nice of him. Unless of course this is like that terrible Jack Black movie where he sees Paltrow as fat – and this boy actually sees a PigDog type creature in the room with him and little does he know it’s a nice young teen. Whatever the case may be, she does not seem to mind all that much.

What I do not understand is when he shoves his manhood into her mouth, isn’t he afraid she is just playing “nice” and pretending to not mind so she can bite his dick off once it is in? That’s what I would be thinking, and why I could never enjoy this type of sexual behavior. Do not get me wrong! I LOVE when the girl doesn’t want anything to do with me, it only makes it hotter.

Now, let’s see if he makes it outta this with all his bits intact….

Patricie brought to you by PornHub

What I Enjoy About Missy Is The Way She Squirts


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Missy is a squirty little thing, isn’t she! I enjoy how she lets this lucky boy treat her clit like a stress toy. Those things are built for waer and tear!

Happy Cocktober!


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In celebration of the official start of the season of Halloweenie, I present Vampire cocksucking!

The Troll’s Male Sack: Glory Holes!


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Look at this! A female viewer of the site names “Lisa” writes in! “Dear Troll, You are so cute. I have a question. I want to have sex but I am a bit shy. How can I have sex but pretend it never happened…like maybe not even know who it is fucking me. That would be hot.”

Well, Lisa, I’d be glad to help you out but I’m sure you’re talking about being fucked by a human make. Ah well. Let’s see here. How about the girl in this vid? She seems to have the right idea! This youngy just like you has sex with an unknown set of cocks. Very dangerous for her. Very enjoyable for us! Give it a try!

I would very much like a room in my house like this.