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Porn Flashback: Zara Whites

I’m not sure what’s better in this clip. 90’s nymph Zara Whites or the dude’s gold robe!

Holy shit did Zara Whites have a hot body or did Zara Whites have a hot body?! Zara dropped out of school at an early age and moved in with her boyfriend when she was 17. In her late teens she worked as a barmaid and, after that, as a prostitute in a men’s club. After her relationship with an Italian count broke up, she went to Paris and started working as a call girl. While doing a photo shoot for Penthouse, Rocco Siffredi advised Zara to try her luck in the adult film industry. A few months later, she made her acting debut in “The Challenge”. Soon Zara became a major porn star in the States. One of her most memorable roles was her cameo in Curse of the Cat Woman. After a brief but successful career in porn, Zara decided to retire. She returned to Paris in the early nineties.

Source = IMDB

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Forget Harry…Watch CHERRY POTTER!

By now, all you little humans have your tickets for Harry Potter this week. And while I’m as big a fan as anyone (after all, I AM a magical creature hehee!) I would rather watch WHORE’s than Horcrux’s if you know what I mean! Which brings us to my latest find. Say what you will about the French, but Cherry here is the reason why we like to kiss like them! So pull out your wands and get ready to cast your white goopy spells all over yourselves…

…too bad we can’t go see this in IMAX 3D! Heheheheheeeeeeeeeeee.

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Watch The Troll. Save Money.

Girls with accents usually seem smart. Not the case with this nubile creature. Here’s a three and a half minute montage of her scenes which can be seen in greater length at But that costs money. And honestly, you can rub one out by the 2:13 mark when she’s force-fed some cock. See? The Troll just saved you a $19.95 subscription fee! Now go spend it on some new underwear, you dirty pig!